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When a customer is on a Product Page, they’re actively evaluating the product for purchase. This can be a great opportunity for pre-sales education to ensure the customer feels confident they found the right product and have the information they need to use it successfully. 

Products vary from store-to-store, so you’ll have to adapt these campaign examples to fit your product. We recommend having active campaigns for at least your top five best-selling products. 

Recommend similar products when out of stock or launch a new product

Running out of stock can be a dead-end for the buying journey. You can use campaigns to re-direct customers to similar products if you’re out of stock of certain sizes, colors, or entire products.

Even if you’re not out of stock, these campaigns can help customers discover new products they may not have seen otherwise. 

🎯 Primary goal: Promote discovery of in-stock products

💰 Expected revenue outcome: +0.1% revenue uplift per product campaign

💡 Real example: Glamnetic utilizes this campaign type for product launches.

Glamnetic promotes products in their chat.

Share product tips

When you’re shopping in a physical store, you’ll probably be approached by a sales associate who can answer questions about a product, show you how to use it, or help you find the right size. 

Without that kind of pre-sales education, online shoppers can feel lost and abandon the purchase. These chat campaigns help you engage shoppers while they’re eyeing a product to give them the information they need to place the order.

🎯 Primary goal: Customer education

💰 Expected revenue outcome: +0.1% revenue uplift per product campaign

💡 Real example: Manduka reminds customers about the lifetime guarantee

Manduka informs customers of their Lifetime Guarantee.
Manduka's chat campaign settings

💡 Real example: TUSHY shares a self-service toilet compatibility guide

TUSHY's chat campaign shares their self-service guide
TUSHY's chat campaign settings

Offer 1:1 product matching (with photos)

For certain situations, you might want to offer 1:1 consultation to ensure customers get the right product. You could offer these 1:1 photo consultations for VIP customers, for makeup products that need shade-matching, or for any other product that needs a compatibility check. 

This approach is less scalable than the previous option (self-service product recommendations). But it can serve as an extra layer of pre-sales to ensure find the right product, feels confident enough to place the order, and avoids having to make a return because of a bad-fit purchase. 

🎯 Primary goal: 1:1 product education in chat

💰 Expected revenue outcome: +0.5% revenue uplift per product campaign

💡 Real example: TUSHY offers a toilet compatibility check

TUSHY's campaign promotes product education and customer consultation

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