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Exit intent campaigns
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Exit intent campaigns

One of the most effective capabilities of Gorgias Convert is the ability to trigger campaigns based on exit intent, when customers are about to leave your site. When customers are about to leave, aim to engage them with educational resources, urgent promotions, or reminders about what they’ll miss if they leave. 

📲 Exit intent detection is not fully functional on mobile, since it’s difficult to detect exit intent on mobile devices. These campaigns are desktop only.

Promote a discount or sale

One great way to capture the attention of shoppers about to leave is to highlight a great deal — either an exclusive promotion or a collection on sale. 

🎯 Primary goal: Convert first-time visitors

💰 Expected revenue outcome: +2-5% revenue uplift

💡 Real example: TUSHY offers 10% off for new customers

TUSHY's 10% off chat campaign
TUSHY's chat campaign settings

💡 Real example: Glamnetic offers 15% off for new customers

Glamnetic offers 15% off on first purchases via chat campaign
Glamnetic's chat campaign settings

💡 Real example: Manduka redirects customers to the sale section

Manduka directs customers to their sales collection via chat campaign
Manduka's exit intent campaign settings

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