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Context to drive efficiency your team and customers will love.
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Please contact Hark for pricing details. hello@sendhark.com

The future of customer service is here with Hark!

Save money by boosting agent efficiency while delighting your customers with a new post purchase experience.

Our new, one of a kind platform works as a channel contextualization engine that utilizes video, audio and more in an intuitive way leaving your customers feeling heard and your agents feeling empowered.

Hark's dynamic workflow solution ensures all relevant data for specific inquiries is captured up front from your customers and delivered to your agents in a uniform way with full context to take action.

Our customers enjoy:

  • 40% reduction in cost per ticket
  • 25% increase in 1-touch resolution rate
  • 25% increase in CSAT

Further, Hark's reporting and analytics allow your company to understand your customers in a way they never have before. Integrate Hark into Gorgias and start realizing the value from day one!

For more information, contact: hello@sendhark.com