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Easily manage, log and track calls & SMS from your helpdesk.
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Automatically handle phone and SMS conversations from your helpdesk, to offer personalised customer service experience.Integrating Ringover and Gorgias makes it easy for ecommerce customer support teams  to work in perfect sync and delight their customers on every interaction. Agents can call customers in one-click from their helpdesk using their Ringover number, available in over 65 countries.All interactions via phone call or SMS are automatically recorded in the customer’s ticket, so agents can later access customer details on the fly. Conversation logs include the call/ SMS time, duration, call type, a call recording file, as well as agent notes and tags. Inbound callers are instantly matched to their Gorgias profile directly from Ringover, giving agents more context to provide fast and personalised help.By using Ringover with Gorgias you can:

  • Spend less time creating and updating tickets in Gorgias.
  • Resolve customer issues faster using the right information.
  • See all relevant customer details in one place without switching tools.
  • Enhance customer service experience scores.
  • Get and retain more customers to generate more revenue.
  • Ensure harmony between customer contacts, calls, and ticket information.

Key integration features:

  • Call in one click from customer tickets.
  • Automatically log all conversation activity including notes, voice message and call recording file and transcription (Empower option required).
  • Automatic ticket creation from SMS.
  • Automatic ticket creation from calls.
  • Tag sync: Use Ringover tags to trigger Gorgias tag status.
  • Contact in call display.
  • Store and play back voice messages and call recordings in the helpdesk.