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Shipped AI

AI CX agent that resolves issues instantly like your top agent
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Free to install, usage fees apply. Please book a demo for pricing details by visiting Shipped AI.

Shipped’s groundbreaking AI uses machine learning to become a crucial member of your team. It’s empowered to work directly with the Shipped post-purchase platform enabling it to solve customer issues—not just answer simple questions. And it can join your team in a day to bring immediate value.

The Agent with the Agency to Act

Beyond answering simple questions, which it can do perfectly, Shipped AI can solve real support problems all through natural language processing. That includes nuances involved in complex exchanges, shipping replacements for fulfillment errors, and processing returns in real-time. Shipped goes beyond canned responses and capabilities to offer deep, contextual support to address issues you didn’t anticipate.

Configurable personalities, roles, and capabilities

Our system allows for flexible customization, enabling you to define unique brand guidelines seamlessly, avoiding the limitations commonly imposed by rigid, one-size-fits-all solutions. Effortlessly establish brand policies, knowledge base, and FAQs without the constraints of pre-built workflows that other chatbots blindly adhere to.

The Shipped AI CX agent is fully configurable with various identities including photos, personalities, and even background stories. From content to interactions, our AI solutions enhance your impact and leave a lasting impression.

Learn more by visiting us, Shipped AI.