5 ways people use Gorgias

November 4, 2015
Many of you have asked us about the different ways you can use Gorgias, so we decided to interview dozens of our users!

Many of you have asked us about the different ways you can use Gorgias, so after interviewing dozens of users we decided to write about some of the common and unique use cases!

Never make a mistake typing personal information

One main Gorgias use case is to quickly type things that never change and that should never be misspelled. This includes personal info like names, addresses, phone numbers, skype IDs and links that can be replaced by short keywords or letters.

Save time typing frequent email sentences

For frequent email sentences like addressing the recipient, thanking the connector or signing emails, it’s easy to use shortcuts (i.e. “Hello {{to.0.first_name}}”,  “thanks {{bcc.0.first_name}} for the intro, moving you to bcc”).

Kevin King

Create templates for customer support question

The team who's sending the most emails in a company is usually customer support. Most of our users have templates for common questions their customers ask, such as instructions to reset passwords, for giving notice that an account has been refunded and for responding to other common support questions.


Do HR work faster and reach out to more candidates

HR workers create templates for emails reaching out to prospective candidates. There usually have a template per stage of the application process. As the candidate progresses through this process, they still use a template but spend more time personalizing their message.

Sales teams send more cold emails

We’ve heard from salespeople doing outreach that templates are great for short cold emails. One of our friends had this to say after his first week using Gorgias: Rahul

We're always interested in learning new ways to use templates (we use them a lot ourselves!), let us know if you have some super useful ones we missed here!

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