Setting up Your AI Agent for Success: Your Guide to Automating 30% of Emails
Introduction: Meet your newest team member, AI Agent
AI Agent

Introduction: Meet your newest team member, AI Agent

Welcome to the future of CX with AI Agent — your secret weapon to growing your team (without adding headcount), reducing response and resolution time, earning higher CSAT scores, and saving time for your most important conversations. 

Today, AI Agent can automate 30% of your email tickets. With AI Agent and Flows working together, you can automate up to 60% of your entire support volume — focusing on basic, repetitive tickets. 

Ready to join industry-leading CX professionals? Let’s get started with AI Agent now! 

What is AI Agent? 

Gorgias’s AI Agent is an extension of your team. Just like a new support agent, AI Agent can:

  • Learn all your support processes and policies
  • Answer tickets in your brand’s tone of voice
  • Perform Actions in Shopify and other tools for full resolutions
  • Escalate tickets when it cannot confidently answer

While AI Agent instantly resolves your repetitive support emails, your team is free to focus on high-impact conversations, VIPs, escalated tickets, CX strategy, and all the other important projects that you’ve had to deprioritize because you’re busy answering routine tickets.

Brands using AI Agent have noticed improvements across the board. AI Agent is consistently a top performer in First Response Time (FRT), Response Time (RT), and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). 

Learn how AI Agent has helped Psycho Bunny and Baby Gold increase automation and improve efficiencies for their teams. 

How does AI Agent work? 

When a new email ticket hits your inbox, AI Agent analyzes the ticket to understand if there are relevant instructions and answers in your Macros, Help Center, and Guidance — more on those later.

If AI Agent is confident about the right answer and process, it instantly sends a response and takes the necessary Actions outlined in your instructions. If AI Agent is not 100% confident in the answer, it will escalate the ticket to your human team. 

AI Agent will also share the reasoning behind its answer inside the ticket view. You can also provide feedback, continuously improving the AI’s accuracy in future tickets. 

Managing AI Agent is like working with a new agent:

  • Onboard: Teach the AI your processes and brand voice
  • Automate: Let the AI start handling tickets in your inbox 
  • Observe: Keep a close eye on the quality of the AI’s response
  • Coach: Give feedback to continually improve the AI’s accuracy

Let’s get started and learn how to Onboard your AI Agent!

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