How Angelic Bakehouse Used Gorgias & Mutesix to Increase One Touch Tickets, C-SAT and Sales

CHALLENGE: Angelic Bakehouse needed to overhaul their martech stack and customer support strategy to keep up with their exponential DTC sales growth.
SOLUTION: Partner with Mutesix to establish a roadmap and use Gorgias' automations and integrations to drive exceptional customer service.

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Angelic Bakehouse has been selling sprouted grain products since 2009. Initially, the founders purchased a sprouted bakery in Waukesha, WI.

They first started selling their bread locally and then expanded to sell nationally, which led to the business growing 10-fold.

Since then, Angelic Bakehouse has built a loyal customer base. This isn’t surprising, given how delicious their sprouted whole grain bread, wraps, and snacks are—they don’t have any cardboard aftertaste associated with whole wheat flour. Their products are made from only the best non-GMO ingredients, and they provide vegan, kosher and allergen-free options.

Moreover, Angelic Bakehouse experienced exponential growth throughout 2020. This meant that the company needed to restrategize its DTC roadmap and customer support strategy to keep up with the volume of sales, customer questions, requests and concerns.

"The processes that we had in place were for a much smaller volume of tickets than we had coming in. Gorgias gave us the organization that we needed for dealing with the upsurge in consumers."

Justis Mulqueen, Office Coordinator, Angelic Bakehouse 

Identifying the problem 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Angelic Bakehouse was almost entirely focused on the traditional retail side of their business, mainly selling their products in brick and mortar stores.

However, when the pandemic hit, their Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) sales went through the roof and they weren’t prepared to handle the upsurge. They wanted to make the most out of the opportunity. 

Soon, they realized that to become an established DTC brand, they needed to deliver a quality customer experience. One that would continue to accelerate the e-commerce side of their business. 

To achieve this, an entire restructuring of the company’s online operations and processes was critical—which would require outside help. They decided to partner with Mutesix, a leading DTC agency with a proven track record of producing measurable results.

Focusing on DTC and Tackling New Organizational Challenges

Selling online can be drastically different from one brand to another. This is why Mutesix created a roadmap that helped Angelic Bakehouse grow its DTC channel by enabling them to both expand and future-proof their business. They also encouraged Angelic Bakehouse to rethink its current strategies for improving the customer experience across the board.

“Mutesix has been a critical and valued partner and really helped us establish the roadmap we needed to have DTC success.”

Jamie Duklas, VP of Marketing, Angelic Bakehouse

One of the most important changes the brand made was a complete overhaul of its marketing technology (MarTech) stack. They switched from WooCommerce to Shopify and stopped using MailChimp, replacing it with Klaviyo—one of the most popular Shopify email apps. MuteSix also helped Angelic Bakehouse establish their brand voice across their social media channels.

The next step was to improve their customer support strategy as their one-person customer support team couldn’t handle the workload anymore—and Mutesix had an idea.

Finding a Support Tool With High Conversion Rates for a One-Person Team

The greatest challenge that Angelic Bakehouse faced was responding to the volume of customer support queries. The processes they had in place were created for a much smaller customer base. It was clear that manual support was no longer serving the business. 

Mutesix recommended Gorgias, and it turned out to be the perfect solution. 

Solving Subscription Issues with Multi-Channel Helpdesk and Seamless Integrations 

Angelic Bakehouse’s team found the backend of Gorgias easy to understand and their customer support agent was able to start using it right away. What they found especially helpful was how Gorgias serves as a centralized hub. It allowed them to operate all their customer service channels with ease from one place, which was becoming an increasingly frustrating issue. But now they could answer all customer support requests directly from Gorgias, which significantly improved their response speed. 

Moreover, Gorgias macros and rules allowed them to automate repetitive tasks. Here’s a quick overview of these features:

  • Macros are prepared responses or actions that can be applied manually to a ticket. For example, instead of typing out the answers to the most commonly asked questions every time, you can create macros for them.
  • Rules are actions that are automatically applied to tickets when specific conditions are met. For example, if a customer wants to know where their order is, you can set up a rule so that the customer receives an automatic reply that sends them the shipping status of their order. 

Further efficiencies were also achieved through Gorgias offering a variety of integrations with other apps.

For Angelic Bakehouse, the integrations with Shopify and ReCharge turned out to be especially helpful. Now their customer’s subscriptions are displayed next to their support tickets, allowing their customer support agent to easily solve subscription issues like adjusting a customer’s subscription plan when requested.

Increase in One-Touch Tickets & Response Times: Beacon of Excellent Support

A lot of the interactions Angelic Bakehouse has with their customers are time-sensitive and support-based, meaning their customers expect to be able to reach them quickly. This means offering live chat to their customers is vital. 

When a customer reaches out via live chat, Gorgias pulls information about them from Shopify’s back-office. This allows Angelic Bakehouse’s support agent to not only see their message but also other relevant information about them, such as: 

  • Customer’s order history
  • Order tracking numbers
  • Last order information
  • Reviews left
  • Loyalty points

It’s no secret that customers can sometimes be vague. With Gorgias, all the critical information is at the customer support agent’s fingertips, allowing them to make sense of the question without requesting more information. This has resulted in an increase in one-touch tickets. 


Angelic Bakehouse’s customer support is better than ever. In fact, the percentage of their one-touch tickets has gone up from 5% to 25%. Also, their C-SAT score for Gorgias is an impressive 4.95/5. Their DTC sales channel has also grown 10x and now consistently generates seven figures in revenue. 

These figures show that with the help of Mutesix and Gorgias, Angelic Bakehouse can deliver an exceptional customer experience that drives continuous success.

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