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Collect ample customer feedback to improve your customer experience and product
Customer Experience

Collect ample customer feedback to improve your customer experience and product

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: customer feedback is gold. Go out of your way to request (then tag, organize, and share) insights you get from your customers, whether they’re positive or negative

Who does this?
Figs, Woxer, and Waterfield Designs

How to implement this tip? Let's discuss how you can leverage the 3 most popular sources of customer feedback:  

  • Support tickets
  • NPS responses
  • Product reviews

For support tickets: Ask your support team to tag tickets based on the intent of the customer. Refer to our list of intents to get started. Then, at the end of each month, export your support tickets with the tag data, along with the list of orders from your ecommerce platform. Then match the two. You can assume that one ticket correlates to one product ,since 80% of orders only contain one product. Then, build a pivot table with the most common types of feedback per product. Finally, make sure to send this report company-wide via Slack or email to everyone for whom these insights of the voice of the customer might be valuable.

For NPS responses: If you don't respond to NPS surveys, you can classify them in batches at the end of the month. Then, follow the same logic as you did for the tickets. That said, we recommend that your support team classifies and responds to NPS comments by creating tickets for every NPS response.

For product reviews: If you don't respond to product reviews systematically, simply export all of them at the end of the month and follow the same classification process as above.

For instance, Waterfield Designs’ customers are filling out a survey on bags they would like to see in the incoming collections. Support agents tag tickets with feedback on products and report to the design team when patterns emerge in the feedback.

Another interesting story is from Woxer. In March 2022, many customers ended up buying the wrong size of garment. They caught (and solved) the issue quickly because they were monitoring support channels for feedback patterns.

To place customer feedback at the heart of your culture, create processes to promote agents who get the best customer feedback.

📚 Get more context and in-depth tips in our article on collecting and implementing customer feedback.

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