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Update your delivery flow to drive repeat purchases for an estimated revenue impact of 1%
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Update your delivery flow to drive repeat purchases for an estimated revenue impact of 1%

When a customer makes a purchase, imagine you’re at the starting line and not the finish line — even if they don’t buy again. Engage with first-time and non-repeat customers to understand their reasons for not purchasing another product and re-engage them in a creative, motivating way.

Who does this? Dr. Squatch, Obvi, BattlBox

Why 1% lift? You can improve your repeat by 3% with an improved delivery flow. Given that 40% of orders from an ecommerce brand are from repeat customers, you can lift your revenue by 1%.

How to implement this tip? When a customer doesn't buy again, health and beauty brand Obvi sends a Typeform asking why. If the reason is pricing, Obvi sends a discount code for the next purchase.

Dr. Squatch sends their customers postal cards with QR codes that contain promo codes set up for 1-click payment. You can also consider doing this via SMS for your VIP customers.

If you have a subscription model, BattlBox may inspire you. Their first-time customers get the new-joiner box and start getting the regular sequence of boxes in their second month. BattlBox decided to reach out to their first-time customers and ask if they wanted to buy the box they would have gotten the month they originally subscribed. It worked: BattlBox achieved a 35% upsell rate among first-time customers, which generated a 2% revenue uplift.

📚 Get more context and in-depth tips in our article on post-purchase experience.

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