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Resolve your customers’ concerns within 6 hours for an estimated revenue lift of 2%
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Resolve your customers’ concerns within 6 hours for an estimated revenue lift of 2%

Response rate isn’t everything — customers would rather receive a helpful response than a quicker (but useless) one. That said, our data suggests improving your average resolution time lifts revenue because it provides a stronger CX.

Who does this? Jaxxon

Why a 2% lift? The typical conversion from email tickets is 1%. If you resolve your customers’ concerns within 6 hours, you will double your conversion from support, thus you will double your revenue from support i.e. you can lift from an industry average of 3% of revenue from support to 6%. As email tickets represent 80-100% of revenue from support, you should lift your revenue by 2 to 3%.

The best-in-class brands generate 10%+ of their revenue from support.

How to implement this tip? Export your response and resolution times for the week from your helpdesk. Then, consider outsourcing extra support staff during the hours of the week when you’re slower to respond. An outsourced ticket costs between $2 and $3 per hour. We recommend connecting with these outsourcing agencies to double your conversion from support.

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