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Create a community of fans and leverage their insights for an estimated revenue lift of 6%
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Create a community of fans and leverage their insights for an estimated revenue lift of 6%

More and more brands are creating communities — either on social media, forums, or another community app — for their shoppers. These communities improve CX by giving people a place to ask questions and discuss your product. They also help you by creating opportunities to convert website visitors and collect customer feedback to improve your product and CX.

Who does this? 310 Nutrition, Waterfields Design, Rothy’s

Why 6% lift? We estimate you need to have 20 times more members in your community than your number of orders. If you convert 0.3% of them, it will generate a 6% revenue uplift.

How to implement this tip? Create an online community on social media (such as a Facebook group) or a forum on your website. Invite your customers as they place orders. You can also run giveaways for customers who invite a friend. Post valuable content there regularly, such as special events, new videos, new products, and promotions.

Designate one owner to manage your community (by creating content and keeping the community engaged). The manager can also partner with influencers and community power members to attract new people to your community. For an example of how to keep your community engaging and fresh, see how 310 Nutrition rotates its community page header weekly.

310 Nutrition's Facebook community improves CX by giving customers a chance to connect and discuss the product.
Source: 310 Nutrition’s Facebook community

Your community shouldn’t be a salesroom floor. Fun storytelling videos are a great way to generate engagement. For example, Kitsch gets videos viewed 10k+ times the first day they release the video on TikTok.

Kitch's TikTok account.
Source: Kitsch’s TikTok

📚 Get more context and in-depth tips in our article on community management in ecommerce.

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