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Add an FAQ page to deflect customer support tickets and improve CX
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Add an FAQ page to deflect customer support tickets and improve CX

The bulk of the support tickets you receive are likely very repetitive. “Where is my order?” is a common offender. Save your customers’ and agents’ time by creating a self-service FAQ page with answers to those repetitive questions.

Who does this? Brümate used Gorgias to set up an FAQ page (pictured below).

How to implement this tip? Identify the most common questions asked by your customers. Classify them in categories like “Product,” “Shipping,” and “Payment”. Write an answer to those common questions and host it on your website in a visible location.

You can also use Gorgias to easily set up an FAQ on your website. Refer to our help doc on FAQs and help centers for more details.

Brumate's FAQ page, which improves CX by answering questions in common categories like Products and Shipping.
Source: Brümate

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