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Incentivize your support team to generate revenue for an estimated 1% lift in revenue
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Incentivize your support team to generate revenue for an estimated 1% lift in revenue

Customer support agents have direct access to shoppers at critical moments: when they’re evaluating sizes, confused about a product, or debating whether to exchange or refund a product. For this reason, we encourage you to treat your customer service representatives as sales associates — and compensate them accordingly.

Who does this? Jaxxon rewards top performers on the support team with gift cards at the end of each month.

Why 1% lift? On average, 20% of customers contact support. If you can lift your conversion (from support conversations to sales) from 3% to 8%, you'll see an overall 1% lift on revenue.

How to implement this tip? At the end of each month, extract the sales data from your support team.

If you use Gorgias, you can view revenue statistics and other statistics (like first response time and first resolution time).

A graphic showing off Gorgias' revenue statistics feature.
Source: Gorgias

If you’re on another helpdesk, extract your ticket data from your helpdesk via CSV, then extract your order data from your ecommerce platform. You can attribute an order to a support conversation if it happened within five days of the customer support interaction.

Then, compute the total sales amount per sales support staff during the month, and offer gift cards to the best performers.

📚 Get more context and in-depth tips in our article on customer support incentives.

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