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Improve your satisfaction score (CSAT) from 4 to 4.9/5 for an estimated revenue lift of 4%
Customer Experience

Improve your satisfaction score (CSAT) from 4 to 4.9/5 for an estimated revenue lift of 4%

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) score is one of the most direct metrics to measure your customer experience. We consistently see investments into improve CSAT return multifold in revenue.

Who does this? Public Goods

Why a 4% lift? The repeat purchase rate after a positive customer support interaction is significantly high.

If your CSAT is 5/5 (compared to the average industry CSAT at 4/5), your repeat purchase rate from the 20% of customers who reached out to support will likely be 43% higher for the next 180 days. This means you could lift your overall purchase repeat by 2% for the next 180 days.

Given that 40% of orders from an ecommerce brand are from repeat customers, this means that improving your CSAT could lift your revenue by 1% over the next 180 days. And if you consider the average retention of 2 years for customers and you keep your CSAT at 5/5, you can lift your revenue by 4% over the next 2 years.

How to implement this tip? Each month, quality test your negative CSAT responses and look for common themes. Pick the top three themes (e.g. speed of response) and sprint to fix those issues. According to our analysis, it takes about 6 months of effort to get 5/5 territory.

Two bars demonstrating the number of orders based on CSAT score. A CSAT of 5 leads to a solid increase.

📚 Get more context and in-depth tips in our article on improving CSAT.

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