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Celebrate key moments of your relationship with your customers and make them feel special

Celebrate key moments of your relationship with your customers and make them feel special

Customer loyalty is gold: it generates repeat purchases, organic brand exposure via social media and word of mouth, and customer referrals. Wherever possible, go out of your way to make your brand even more attractive for VIP customers by celebrating key moments.

Who does this? A leading brand in soap industry sends top customers free products for their first order anniversary and many customers post on social media to thank them back (which naturally generates more loyalty and leads).

How to implement this tip? Identify the key moments that you would like to celebrate with your customers:

  • Their first purchase
  • Their birthdays
  • Their subscription anniversaries
  • Their first referral

Set up automatic flows to send them discounts, post cards, or gifts at these moments to make them feel special.

One way to do this in Zapier is to create a workflow that triggers when a customer creates their first order. Then, put your workflow on hold for 11 months, and if the customer has spent more than $200 once those 11 months are up, create a support ticket for your support team to send them a gift for their first purchase anniversary.

Your customers will almost always share positive experiences on social media, generating even more positive brand exposure.

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