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Outsource the repetitive part of support to reduce your operating cost by 1%
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Outsource the repetitive part of support to reduce your operating cost by 1%

At scale, the cost of a customer conversation should be about $4, compared to $5.6 if you manage everything in-house. You can get solid economies of scale by outsourcing the repetitive part of your support to a BPO (business process outsourcing) agency.

Who does this? Steve Madden uses Simplr to complement their support team. The cost of a ticket handled by such a BPO is about $3.

Why a 1% lift? By working with a BPO partner (if you need some additional resources for your support), you could expect to save 1-2% of your operations costs depending on your size and the plan you need.

How to implement this tip? We work with BPO agencies that can help you outsource your support or a part of your support. If you realize that you either need additional resources (and can’t further optimize your in-house operational costs), consider working with one of those partner outsourcing agencies. Build a business case on what would it take you to hire additional agents compared to the cost of these agencies to make a decision.

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