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Whether your Shopify store is brand new or years old, one of your top priorities is providing a great customer experience to your shoppers. To do this well, you need the right customer support tools in your toolbox. 

Below, we’ll share 22 suggestions for Shopify customer support apps of every variety, including helpdesks, live chat, chatbots, and more. 

Use the table below to navigate to the type of tool you’re looking for, or just start scrolling to get the full story.

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Category App suggestion Why should you use this app? Starting price
Helpdesk Gorgias Best Shopify helpdesk app $10/month for 3 agents
Helpdesk Re:amaze Great ticket management app $29/month per agent
Helpdesk Zendesk A well-known helpdesk app $19/month per agent
Live chat and chatbot Shopify Inbox Best free live chat app $0
Live chat and chatbot Tidio A more robust standalone chat app $0
Live chat and chatbot Gorgias Best live chat built into a helpdesk $10/month
Contact form Powerful Contact Form Builder Best standalone contact form $0
Contact form Hulk Form Builder Most customizable form builder $0
Contact form Gorgias Best contact form built into a helpdesk $10/month
FAQ pages and knowledge bases Helphub FAQ Page Best standalone FAQ page $0
FAQ pages and knowledge bases Gorgias Most robust Help Center $10/month
Call center Aircall Best standalone call center app $10/month
Call center Gorgias Best Voice app built into a helpdesk $25/month
Subscription management Recharge Subscriptions A trusted subscription management app $99/month plus usage fees
Subscription management Skio An easy-to-use subscription management app $299/month plus usage fees
Returns and exchanges Loop Returns Best Shopify app for returns and exchanges $29/month plus usage fees
Returns and exchanges Returnly Best return app for brick-and-mortar retailers $149/month
Returns and exchanges ReturnLogic A return app that prioritizes efficient returns over exchanges $299/month
Reviews and UGC Okendo Best Shopify app for reviews and UGC $19/month
Reviews and UGC REVIEWS.io A reviews platform with advanced reputation management $0
Support quality assurance Klaus Best support quality assurance Custom
AI support automation Siena AI Best AI support automation Custom

Helpdesks: The most comprehensive customer support apps

A helpdesk is customer service software that unites all your customer communication channels (email, live chat, social media, and so on) into one powerful inbox. 

With the right helpdesk, you can answer all your customer questions, make updates to Shopify orders, set up customer self-service resources, and use automation to speed up all those processes. 

Gorgias: Best Shopify helpdesk app

Gorgias is the customer service helpdesk built for stores on Shopify. While other helpdesks are built for all industries and could be used for online stores, 100% of Gorgias is designed to help ecommerce stores provide great customer service

In Gorgias, you have access to:

  • Superior social integrations: Manage ad replies on Facebook and Instagram on top of DMs and comments, plus WhatsApp messages
  • Customer order portals: Let customers answer FAQs, request returns and order edits, and track order status in real-time through your chat widget or Help Center
  • Unmatched personalization: Gorgias is like a CRM that lets you pull customer data from Shopify and all your other apps to give customers their unique information — even in automated responses — for the best customer support
  • Efficiency automations: Streamline all your repetitive tasks, from triaging tickets and responding to basic questions to updating orders in Shopify 
  • Sales-generating features: Reach out to shoppers with pop-ups, send personalized product recommendations, and generate unique discount codes to reduce abandoned carts and upsell
  • Powerful reporting and analytics: Generate reports on support performance and revenue generated from support, and use ticket fields for custom reports
  • Superior templates: Provide instant, personalized answers that also automatically trigger changes (like refunds or address changes) in Shopify
  • Unlimited users: Gorgias charges by the ticket, not by the user. Don’t worry: Spam messages don’t get billed as tickets, only real conversations with your customers

Gorgias pricing

Gorgias starts at $10 per month for up to three agents. Gorgias has a 7-day free trial.

Note: Gorgias is also available on other ecommerce platforms (BigCommerce and Magento) on top of Shopify.

Re:amaze: Another option for ticket management in Shopify

Re:amaze is another helpdesk that Shopify merchants use to offer customer service. Re:amaze is a great customer support helpdesk, with the standard features for a ticketing system:

  • Connect all your channels: Including social media DMs and email
  • Automate basic tasks: Including assigning customer queries to members of your customer support team
  • Generate reports: To understand important metrics like response time and CSAT
  • Set up FAQs: To deflect customer questions from other support channels
Re:amaze is a great customer support app.

However, Re:amaze is not ecommerce-focused, so you won’t have access to as many ecommerce features as you would with Gorgias. One key difference is that Re:amaze is solely focused on customer service, while Gorgias helps you with customer service and revenue generation. 

With Gorgias, you can reach out to customers to offer discounts and other incentives, offer pre-sale support, upsell customers, and track your support team’s impact on sales. 

Re:amaze pricing

Re:amaze starts at $29/month per agent. Re:amaze has a 14-day free trial. 

🆚 Compare Gorgias vs Re:amaze to make the right choice for your online store.

Zendesk: Another well-known option for a Shopify helpdesk

Zendesk is one of the best-known helpdesks, which is why we’re including it on this list. 

Zendesk is so popular because it’s the oldest cloud-based helpdesk. However, ecommerce is one of Zendesk’s lower priorities: They’re more dedicated to enterprise-level users, like airlines and telecommunications companies with thousands of support agents. 

Zendesk is a good customer support app for enterprise-level companies.

For industries like ecommerce, with smaller contracts, Zendesk users often report a lack of dedicated ecommerce functionality, poor customer service, and challenging onboarding. Zendesk only has a 3.4/5 on the Shopify App Store.

Zendesk pricing

Zendesk starts at $19/month per agent. Zendesk has a 14-day free trial.

 🆚 Compare Gorgias vs Zendesk to make the right choice for your online store.

Live chat and chatbot apps: Talk with shoppers in real-time

If your biggest priority is chatting with shoppers on your website, then you might be looking for a live chat app. On top of supporting customers after an order, live chat apps also help you offer pre-sales support to convert visitors into paying customers.

However, note that standalone live chat apps aren’t as robust as helpdesks: If you want to provide omnichannel customer support (or support on email, social media, WhatsApp, SMS, and/or phone on top of live chat), then you should consider a full-blown helpdesk.

Shopify Inbox: Best free live chat app

Shopify Inbox is a free, basic, and customizable live chat app that you can use to offer customer support and convert shoppers on your website. It’s a great choice for solo store owners who want to offer basic customer support at no cost to them.

Shopify Inbox is a good free live chat & chatbot solution.

Shopify Inbox doesn’t offer a few key features:

  • It can’t connect to other channels: You’ll need a helpdesk for that
  • It’s not as great at Shopify order management as other apps: You can refund, duplicate, and edit orders easier in Gorgias
  • It doesn’t have as many chatbot and self-service features as other standalone chat apps: You’ll have access to more features in Tidio

Shopify Inbox pricing

Shopify Inbox is free.

🆚 Not sure if you need a chat app or helpdesk? Compare Shopify Inbox vs Gorgias to make the right choice for your online store.

Tidio: A more robust standalone chat app

Tidio is a live chat and chatbot app very similar to Shopify Inbox: It lets you chat with live shoppers to offer support and drive sales. It also has a free option that lets you answer up to 50 live chat questions per month. 

Tidio is a great standalone chat app with more key features.

Unlike Shopify Inbox, Tidio also has larger pricing options with additional features, including customizable chatbots, integrations with Facebook Messenger and Instagram, and more.

If you’re looking for a robust, standalone live chat tool, then consider Tidio.

Tidio pricing

Tidio starts with a free plan.

Gorgias: Another live chat app integrated into a helpdesk

If you want to offer live chat support, a standalone live chat tool isn’t your only option. Helpdesks like Gorgias typically offer a live chat channel. Here’s the Gorgias chat widget on Tushy’s website.

Gorgias live chat features lots of automations for a great customer experience.

In Gorgias, you can set up a chat widget that:

  • Lets customers chat with your agents with questions
  • Allows customers to check the status of their order and request refunds and cancellations
  • Sends article recommendations from your Help Center
  • Shows agent availability and online status
  • Lets agents proactively reach out to customers to offer product recommendations, special discounts, and more

And since all of this occurs in a helpdesk, your agents can manage live chat in the same shared inbox as all your other channels. Plus, you can take advantage of Gorgias automations, integrations, and reporting to help maximize your team’s impact. 

Gorgias pricing

Gorgias starts at $10 per month for up to three agents. Gorgias has a 7-day free trial.

Contact form: Create a structured alternative to email

Contact forms help you avoid confusing emails from customers, like “My product’s broken” without any additional context. These emails force your team to respond with follow-up questions, delaying the resolution and making the interaction longer than needed.

With a contact form, you give customers intuitive workflows with multiple-choice options and prompts to make these emails more structured and helpful for your support team. This can help your team resolve more customer inquiries in one touch. 

Powerful Contact Form Builder: Best standalone contact form

If you’re looking for a basic contact form, Powerful Contact Form Builder in the Shopify App Store is a great choice. 

A simple contact form Shopify app.

With the tool, you can build simple (and lightly customizable) contact forms, as well as registration forms, multi-step forms, and cart forms. Plus, you can integrate the tool with Google reCAPTCHA to protect against spam. 

Powerful Contact Form Builder pricing

Powerful Contact Form Builder is free if you only want a single contact form. For additional forms and features, you’ll pay between $10 and $25 per month. 

Since the tool has a free version, there is no free trial. 

Hulk Form Builder: Great customizable tool for contact (and other) forms

If you’re looking for a more customizable contact form builder, check out Hulk Form Builder. Compared to Powerful Contact Form Builder, Hulk Form Builder gives you more fields and flexibility to collect more information from customers seeking support. 

A more customizable contact form Shopify app.

Plus, Hulk Form Builder can be used for any purpose — not just customer support. And Hulk Apps creates many additional Shopify apps, including Advanced Wishlists, Mobile App Builder, and dozens more. 

Hulk Form Builder pricing

Hulk Form Builder is free. You can upgrade to paid plans and get additional features for $10 or $20 per month. 

Gorgias: Best contact form that’s integrated into a helpdesk

A standalone contact form is a great start. But on its own, a contact form will still send those submissions to your email inbox. Your support team will still have to respond manually, in a separate inbox from messages on all your other channels (like social media, SMS, and WhatsApp). 

Gorgias is a helpdesk that also includes a contact form that you can embed on your website or Help Center. Here’s a Gorgias contact form on Loop Earplug’s website:

Gorgias's contact form is integrated into the helpdesk.

The benefit of using a contact form that’s integrated with your helpdesk is that submissions get sent to the shared inbox, where your agents are already managing email, live chat, social media, and other messages. Plus, you can use all the automations and integrations already built into your helpdesk, like updating a Shopify order or auto-tagging the ticket for reporting’s sake. 

Gorgias pricing

Gorgias starts at $10 per month for up to three agents. Gorgias has a 7-day free trial.

FAQ pages and knowledge bases

An important element of offering great customer support on your Shopify store is customer self-service: giving customers resources to answer their own questions. 

An FAQ page gives customers a simple scrollable page to answer common questions. A knowledge base is a more robust version of an FAQ page, organizing that information into categories and articles. 

Helphub FAQ Page: Best standalone FAQ page

If you’re looking for a simple, searchable FAQ page, then consider Helphub FAQ Page. It’s a highly-rated, user-friendly Shopify app that makes it easy to create, manage, and deploy an FAQ page on your website. 

A simple FAQ page.

With this FAQ page builder, you can group your questions into categories for easier skimming. Plus, you can hide the answers behind dropdowns to avoid making your FAQ page 10 miles long. 

Helphub FAQ Page pricing

Helphub FAQ Page has a free plan that gives you up to 10 FAQs. For additional FAQs, you can upgrade to the $4/month or $8/month plans. 

Gorgias: Best option for a more robust Help Center

At some point, you might outgrow an FAQ and want a more organized, searchable library of self-service content — also called a knowledge base. Gorgias’s Help Center gives you this kind of knowledge base, with a few additional features:

  • Request refunds and cancellations and enable order tracking
  • Add product quizzes and other interactive automation features
  • Embed your contact form to give customers an easy path to support

Here’s Steve Madden’s Help Center, built on Gorgias:

A robust knowledge base, or Help Center, with Gorgias.

Gorgias pricing

Gorgias starts at $10 per month for up to three agents. Gorgias has a 7-day free trial.

Call center app: Talk to your customers on the phone

If you’re looking to provide customer service over the phone, you’ll need a phone support solution. Below, discover two standalone phone support tools and learn how you can add voice support to your helpdesk for a more integrated solution. 

Aircall: Best cloud phone software for Shopify stores

Aircall is an easy-to-use voice support solution that lets you:

  • Make and receive calls to your shoppers
  • Route calls to your support agents
  • Set up IVR to let your customers dial numbers to get to specific departments
  • Record voicemails
  • Send and receive SMS text messages

For most ecommerce merchants, phone support isn’t a top priority (compared to live chat and automated support). However, if you want phone support and don’t care about those channels, Aircall could be a great solution. 

Aircall Pricing, Cost & Reviews - Capterra Singapore 2023

Aircall pricing

Aircall starts at $90/month for 3 users ($30/user with a 3-user minimum). Aircall also has a 7-day free trial. 

🔌 Heads up! Aircall integrates with Gorgias to combine your phone software and helpdesk. 

Gorgias: Voice integrated into your helpdesk

For most ecommerce merchants, phone support is only one channel — and probably not the most important one. If that sounds like you, consider getting a helpdesk like Gorgias with built-in Voice support. 

With Gorgias, you can:

  • Receive, place, and route customer calls
  • See shopper information (like past orders and support interactions) while speaking to them thanks to Gorgias’s CRM features
  • Manage phone support in the same tool as all your other channels
Gorgias's helpdesk is integrated with Voice.

Gorgias pricing

Gorgias’s Voice add-on starts at $25/month and is only available starting on the Basic helpdesk plan ($50/month for unlimited users).

Subscription management Shopify apps

If your business offers subscriptions, you’re used to customer messages asking you to skip, modify, or cancel subscriptions on the daily. A great subscription management app will help you easily make those updates or — even better — let customers do it themselves without reaching out to your support team. 

Recharge Subscriptions: A trusted subscription management app

Recharge Subscriptions is one of the oldest and most popular subscription management apps on the market. With Recharge, you can:

  • Easily set up a subscription option for your ecommerce business
  • Automate billing and payments
  • Customize your subscription options (frequency, duration, pricing, etc.)
  • Launch a customer portal so shoppers can manage their own subscriptions

Here’s what Recharge’s customer-facing subscription management portal looks like:

Recharge subscriptions lets you manage subscriptions easily.

Recharge pricing

Recharge starts at $99/month, plus 1.25% of subscription sales and 19¢ per transaction. Recharge also offers a 30-day free trial. 

🔌 Heads up! Recharge integrates with Gorgias to combine your subscription management and customer service.

Skio: An easy-to-use subscription management app

Skio is a similar subscription management tool to Recharge, with two main features:

  • Skio is more expensive to get started: Skio’s smallest plan is 3x more expensive than Recharge’s smallest plan
  • Skio offers many more resources to help you succeed: Skio markets itself as the platform that helps your sell subscriptions without ripping your hair out

Skio offers easy migration, passwordless login, and dedicated Launch Engineers and Success Managers to help you get up and running. Plus, Skio offers your customers many more options for subscription management, including conditional skipping, subscription splitting, half skipping, and more. 

Here’s a customer-facing subscription management portal on Skio:

Skio is an easy-to-use subscription management.

Skio pricing

Skio starts at $299/month, plus 1% of subscription sales and 20¢ per transaction. 

🔌 Heads up! Skio integrates with Gorgias to combine your subscription management and customer service.

Returns and exchanges apps 

Similar to subscription management, returns and exchanges are a huge source of customer support volume for Shopify stores. Investing in a returns and exchanges app helps your brand improve the customer experience and deflect some inquiries about product returns. 

Loop Returns: Best Shopify app for returns and exchanges

Loop Returns is a great choice to help your store manage returns and exchanges. With Loop, you get:

  • A simplified returns process for customers and merchants
  • Customizable returns policies and options
  • Automated return labels and shipping notifications
  • Discounts for exchanges, to help you mitigate lost revenue from returns

Here’s an example of a returns and exchanges portal built with Loop Returns:

Loop Returns is a great Shopify app for returns and exchanges.

Loop Returns pricing

Loop offers two starter plans: A $29/month plan that also charges for usage, and a flat $59/month plan. Loop does not offer a free trial. 

🔌 Heads up! Loop Returns integrates with Gorgias to combine your returns management and customer service.

Returnly: Best return app for brick-and-mortar retailers

Returnly is a similar app to Loop Returns. Returnly is slightly more expensive and doesn’t have quite as great of reviews as Loop, but it does have one major advantage: very simple in-store returns. 

With Returnly, your customers can take a product they ordered online into the store for a simple return process. This saves your company money on shipping, plus gets customers inside your store (where they could potentially make an exchange or another purchase).

Here’s a customer returns portal on Returnly: 

Returnly is another good returns management app for Shopify stores.

Returnly pricing

Returnly starts at $149/month. Returnly also offers a 14-day free trial. 

🔌 Heads up! Returnly integrates with Gorgias to combine your returns management and customer service.

ReturnLogic: A return app that prioritizes efficient returns over exchanges

ReturnLogic is yet another great option to manage your returns and exchanges. One of the main differences of ReturnLogic compared to Loop Returns and Returnly is that, while those two apps try to encourage. 

ReturnLogic claims that offering discounts on exchanges hurts your profit margins, and that processing very cost-efficient returns is more profitable in the long run. 

Here’s a ReturnLogic customer portal:

ReturnLogic is another good app for returns and exchanges.

ReturnLogic pricing

ReturnLogic starts at $299/month and doesn’t offer a free trial. 

🔌 Heads up! ReturnLogic integrates with Gorgias to combine your returns management and customer service.

Reviews and UGC Shopify apps

With this next category of apps, you can turn positive interactions into great marketing assets, in the form of reviews and user-generated content (UGC). Both of these assets make your brand appear more trustworthy to future shoppers. 

While this isn’t customer support in the traditional sense — answering incoming questions — it is an important part of a great customer experience. Customers want their positive opinions and contributions to be recognized.

Plus, customers sometimes leave negative reviews instead of reaching out to customer support, so you should take a support-minded approach to reviews and UGC.

Okendo: Best Shopify app for reviews and UGC

Okendo makes it easy for you to collect customer reviews and UGC from your customers, as well as moderate and promote those assets.

Okendo | EcommerceTech

With Okendo, you can:

  • Send personalized review requests to increase review response rate
  • Collect photo and video reviews from customers
  • Attribute ratings to specific elements (like sizing, quality, and more) to make reviews more helpful for future shoppers
  • Display branded reviews and UGC on your website, social media, and marketing materials

Okendo pricing

Okendo starts at $19/month for businesses with up to 200 orders per month. Okendo also has a 14-day free trial.

🔌 Heads up! Okendo integrates with Gorgias to combine your reviews management and customer service.

REVIEWS.io: A reviews platform with advanced reputation management

REVIEWS.io is similar to Okendo — you can request reviews, display them across major platforms (from your website to Facebook and Google), and earn shopper trust. 

One major difference is that REVIEWS.io has advanced reputation management, which helps you funnel reviews toward different websites — from Amazon to Facebook and Google Seller — to try and balance reviews on each platform.

REVIEWS.io vs. Trustpilot: Which review platform is right for you? – Blend  Commerce

This way, you can put your best foot forward, no matter where customers find you.

REVIEWS.io pricing

REVIEWS.io offers a free plan for merchants with 25 monthly orders or fewer. The next lowest plan is $45/month. REVIEWS.io offers a 14-day free trial.

🔌 Heads up! REVIEWS.io integrates with Gorgias to combine your reviews management and customer service.

Additional Shopify customer support apps to consider

That covers the major categories of customer support apps, but we have a couple more suggestions that can beef up your customer experience even further:

Support quality assurance: Klaus

Klaus is an app that you can use to improve your customer service team’s response quality with the help of AI. 

Klaus automatically crawls your customer support responses to perform internal quality reviews that flag a conversation’s tone, areas for improvement, and key support metrics.

Improve your customer service quality with Klaus.

You can use Klaus to guide your agent training and identify trends in your customer support quality to get a fuller understanding of your customer service quality than through customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys alone. 

Klaus pricing

Klaus's pricing is completely custom, depending on the number of agents on your support team and the features you’re most interested in. Klaus does not offer a free trial. 

🔌 Heads up! Klaus integrates with Gorgias to combine your support quality assurance and helpdesk.

AI support automation: Siena AI

Siena AI is a highly empathetic chatbot powered by AI technology to craft instant, helpful answers to customer questions on a variety of channels. Siena AI also integrates with your helpdesk, analyzes every incoming ticket, and determines whether the question is a good fit for AI or needs your team's help. By integrating Siena AI, you can also tag, organize, and report on automated responses to get the full picture of your support performance.

Siena AI comes pre-trained on hundreds of common ecommerce scenarios, and has adaptive intelligence to quickly understand the context and nuances of each incoming ticket. It can also adapt messages to fit each channel (a text message should be shorter than an email) and 100+ languages.

💡 Learn how Everyday Dose uses Siena AI and Gorgias to achieve 60% faster responses and 30% more conversions.

Siena AI pricing

Siena AI's pricing isn't publicly available. You can book a demo to see get an estimate.

🔌 Heads up! Siena AI integrates with Gorgias to power up your helpdesk with AI-generated responses.

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