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Returnly helps direct-to-consumer brands deliver a refreshingly seamless return process that increases revenue retention, customer loyalty and repeat purchases. Returnly is the only return solution that lets customers get the right item before returning the wrong one. The result is a world-class shopping experience with an average consumer satisfaction score of 91%.

Connect Returnly to your Gorgias admin to have customer return and exchange details at your agents’ fingertips. With Returnly and Gorgias working together, you’ll save time, close tickets faster and can ensure a seamless customer experience.


  • Create an exceptional support experience with faster, more personalized responses
  • Close tickets faster with real-time access to important return details
  • Save time switching between apps and digging for return information

Return requests can take a lot of time for your support team, and if you can't answer requests in a timely manner, it could mean losing the customer because of those delays.

With Returnly and Gorgias, when a customer has questions about their return, all the necessary information from Returnly is easily accessible within the Gorgias admin, meaning your team has quick access to the information they need to deliver the experience customers expect.

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