How to get early adopters on Product Hunt?

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March 23, 2015

Product Hunt is a community of tech people interested in new products. Therefore, it's a awesome way to test your product when you're a startup. There are three main benefits in posting your product there.

You can get direct feedback on your product

For instance, you can see what people expect to shift from competition to your product.

You get initial traction

Product Hunters are interested in trying your solution just for fun. So if you're product is useful to them, it's a good way to start getting users.

Product Hunters are early adopters

It means you can easily engage with them to get feedback on your product.

Step 1: Have a Product Hunter post your product

You can't just post on Product Hunt. Only members can do. But it's pretty easy to contact them. You can find them on Product Hunt, they have a "M" next to their pictures. Then, you can reach out directly on Twitter and ask them to be posted.

Don't be afraid, most of them are just like you. They launched their startup and know what it's like. Feel free to contact me if you'd like ;)

Step 2: The Post

It consists of the name of your product, plus a short tagline. Make sure to make it as powerful as possible, to boost your ranking. You can also select categories (in our case, that Gorgias is a Chrome Extension).

Not all posts are created equal. Stats show that the best time to post after midnight Pacific time. Week days tend to better perform.

When your product has been posted, briefly introduce yourself and start an AMA session (Ask me anything), Reddit-style. To maximize attention, your goal is to be on top of the list. The more you interact with Product Hunters, the more chances you have.

By 9am PST, top hunts are already posted

Step 3: Analyze results and reach out to users

Remember, early adopters enjoy sharing their feedback. Why not taking advantage of it? A few days after, reach out to the people who found your product interesting (you have their Twitter usernames on PH).

Potential users you can reach out to

Our results with Gorgias

1950 hits on our website

+100 daily active users after a week

4 calls & a ton of written feedback

Of course, you can use Gorgias chrome extension.

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