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The migration from Zendesk to Gorgias took 4 hours in total. This was including all setup and talking to 6 employees individually about how to use Gorgias. I have never before used anything as easy as Gorgias. It was crazy to switch just before BF but it was an awesome experience!

Kim Eriksen

Why Switch Now?

Respond On Any Channel, From One Place

Customer support requests spike 2X over the holidays yet shoppers expect faster responses. Gorgias helps you meet their expectations on any channel (email, live chat, social media etc.).

See All Customer Data In One View

With our deep integrations in the Shopify ecosystem, you can see and edit a customer’s orders, address, loyalty points, etc. right next to their ticket.

Reply Faster… Much Faster

With the magic of macros, you can type responses in seconds vs minutes. Macros are pre-written templates that make use of Shopify variables.

Automate All The Things

If you want to! If you see a certain type of question come in, set up an automated response that detects that question and send the right answer back.

Unlimited Agents At No Costs

Add on new agents for free. We don’t charge per agent!

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The numbers don't lie

It’s counter-intuitive but the holidays are the best time to switch customer service platforms so that you can be ready for higher ticket volumes. 2(X)IST is one of many stores that have migrated from Zendesk to Gorgias, and here are the results:

→ 60-90% improvement in First Response Time (145 hours on Zendesk vs. 18 hours on Gorgias).

→ 90% improvement in average open tickets per day (255/day with Zendesk vs. 27/day with Gorgias).

→ 20-40% improvement in % Tickets Solved (59% with Zendesk vs. 85% with Gorgias).

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