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At Gorgias, we're hosting quarterly virtual summits, totally free of charge. The goal is to bring the Gorgias community together around different themes, depending on shopping dates that are essential to any e-tailer's calendar: Black Friday, Valentine's, Christmas Holidays etc. If you're willing to provide state-of-the-art customer experience during busy seasons, our summits series are for you. Welcome to the Gorgias community!

Partners and speakers

How To Convert Holiday Shoppers into Holiday Buyers with UGC

Matt Goodman
CEO & Co-Founder

Holiday Shopping Trends, Statistics, and Opportunities

Aaron Orendorff

How To Scale Customer Support Without Hiring More People

Romain Lapeyre
CEO & Co-Founder

How to Create True Customer Loyalty To Increase Repeat Purchases

Steve Deckert

Optimizing Your Checkout For Conversions and AOV

Jordan Gal
CEO & Co-Founder

3 Customer Support Keys for Peak Season Success

Olivia Kerr
Head of Customer Success

Make The Most of Your Holiday Traffic with Customer Journey Retargeting

Reza Khadjavi
CEO & Co-Founder

Surviving The Holidays - The Silent Brand-Killer You Should Beware

Charles Michael
Head of Partnerships

Increasing Holiday sales via Messenger Automation

Arjun Ohri
CEO & Co-Founder

Closing Ceremony - In The Black Recap And Next Steps

Sid Bharath
Growth Consultant

Develop into a courage brand. Deliver a return on courage

Ryan Berman

How to Increase Your Supply Chain Margins by 30% in 2019

Nathan Resnick

How to Drive Revenue from Logistics & the Post-Sale Experience

Casey Armstrong

We’re Happy to Help: Using Your Brand Story to Put Customer Experience Over Customer Service

E.M. Ricchini
Agency Marketing Manager

Our Strategy to Create Win-Win Relationships using Social Contests (and a lot of Sales)

Kevin Ho
VP of Marketing

Maximize Customer Engagement Through Improving Your Most Opened Emails

Roddy Smith
Senio Growth Specialist

Using AI to Enhance Customer Support

Vincent Phamvan
Head of Growth

Build a Better Customer Experience: Live Teardowns with Kurt Elster

Kurt Elster
Senior Ecommerce Consultant

How to Automate Ongoing Customer Communication at Scale

Erik Huberman
Founder & CEO

Selling Internationally: The Best Tools and Practices to Skyrocket Your Growth

Jay Myers
VP of Growth and Co-founder

The Struggles of Ecommerce Success - Interview

Mike Earl
Head of Omnichannel

State of the Ecommerce Customer Service Industry

Derric Haynie
Head of Marketing

Your Customers + Trust = Long-Term Loyalty

Fjolla Bakalli
Global Head of Partnerships

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