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April 26, 2018
Customer Support

If you were to launch a marketing campaign for your store, you wouldn't send the same message to the entire audience, right? Instead, you'll probably segment your audience and set a different variation of the campaign to each customer segment.

So why not do that with support?

Today, we're introducing the ability to use Shopify data to triage or respond to tickets. Here are some use cases from our customers that you can apply to your own business.

1. Respond to most loyal customers first

Customers who get an excellent customer service experience are 4x more likely to buy again.

We recommend responding first to your most loyal customers when they contact support, to maximize their lifetime value.

respond to most loyal customers first

This way, tickets from high-value customers will show up in the "VIP" view:


2. Don't miss last minute order updates

When a customer makes a mistake with their order, say they realize they didn't put the right address, or want to add something to their order, your ops team needs to react very fast. If the customer request is not treated within a few hours, the warehouse will fulfill the order, and it will be too late.

Automatically prioritize these messages based on the order date.

mark recently placed orders

3. Auto-responders to 'where is my order?'

One of our most popular Rule is about automating responses to shipping questions. These typically account for 40% of support requests.

If you get a lot of those, set up different auto-responses based on the shipping status of the order. Customers get an instant response, and that's less work for your support team.


4. Differentiate subscribers from one time customers

When part of your business is subscription-based, your support team might want to provide exceptional care to subscribers.

You can mark tickets from subscribers using this rule:

tag subscribers

Do you have other use cases in mind? Comment or chat with us, and we'll share how to set it up!

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