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How TalentPop Expanded its Customer Base by Partnering With Gorgias

How AI Agent Became #1 in Ticket Replies & Resolution Speed for Psycho Bunny’s CX Team

How Obvi Manages 150+ Tickets Per Day With 1.5 Support Agents

How Shinesty Automates 50%+ of Tickets to Offer Great CX with a Team of 5

How July Uses Automate to Do the Work of 3 Extra Agents

How Glamnetic Achieved an 18.39% On-Ticket Conversion Rate with Exit Intent Campaigns

How Ekster Used Automation to Cover the Workload of 4 Agents

How Kirby Allison Boosted Conversions by 23% After Automating 30% of Tickets

How Gorgias Convert Helped Manduka Boost On-Site Campaign Revenue by 284% in 5 Months

How Luksusbaby achieved 66% faster FRT and 45% ticket automation with Gorgias and D.TAILS

How TUSHY Influences 25% of Sales with Gorgias Convert: “It Wildly Blew Our Expectations Out of the Water”

How Stoov® Unveils Customer Insights for Enhanced CX and 10% Cost Saving

How Pit Viper Achieved a 4.9 CSAT and Faster FRT With Gorgias and ShipBob

How Japan Crate Uses Gorgias and Siena AI to Revitalize Customer Experience

How Everyday Dose Uses Gorgias and Siena AI to Delight Customers Across Channels

How Vush Uses Rep and Gorgias to Provide Delicate, On-Demand Answers

The Girlfriend Doctor answers subscription tickets 40% faster with Loop Subscription and Gorgias

JOONE uses Gorgias Macros and Rules to provide proactive support and decrease FRT by 52%

How Topicals Used Automate to Improve the Pre-Sales CX and Boost Sales by 78%

How LTVplus Helps Brands Offer World-Class Experiences With Gorgias

How Create CX and Gorgias Partner to Accelerate Growth With Flawless Customer Experiences

How RevAir answers tickets 93% faster and generates $76k quarterly using Gorgias Self-service

DoggieLawn Boosts Efficiency and Customer Lifetime Value with Gorgias & Recharge

Uqora Uses Gorgias and Recharge to Delight Subscribers and Drive 8 Purchases Per Customer

How high-end retailer Oger provides personalized service with 69% faster resolution time

How Battlbox generates 25% increase in revenue during peak season

How Angelus Direct achieved 4.7/5 CSAT by streamlining customer conversations with Gorgias

Kulani Kinis Saves $400k in Refunds Using Gorgias + Loop Integration

How Jaxxon Accomplishes the Work of 5 Agents with 37% Automation

96% faster responses and 35% more revenue: Why Timbuk2 loves Gorgias

ALOHAS gets 83% automation and double the revenue with quick response flow

66% fewer tickets and twice as many positive interactions: Why Dance4Me loves Gorgias & BigCommerce

Montezuma's resolves tickets 15% faster and saves 5 hours a week with Gorgias & Magento

Absolute Collagen increased their CSAT to 4.9 by always putting customers at the heart of their business

Ohh Deer uses Gorgias Chat to provide excellent CX & generate revenue by $12,500/quarter

By prioritizing CX, BrüMate drove more than $9 million in revenue from their support team

How Food Huggers leverages self service to increase CSAT to 5

How Shinesty Scaled Their Business and Increased Their Customer Satisfaction by Moving to Gorgias

How CROSSNET creates a better shopping experience and made $450,000 in one sale through Gorgias Live Chat

Emuaid Provides Excellent Customer Experience and Maintains a Support Performance Score of 5/5 Using Gorgias Automation

How SuitShop Benefits from The Gorgias-Shopify Integrations to Provide Best Experience for Their Customers

Campus Protein Increases Sales by Switching to Gorgias and Implementing 70+ Macros

Princess Polly Improves Their CX Team Efficiency by Benefiting From Gorgias-Shopify Integration

How Lillie's Q Increases Sales Conversion by 75% and Decreases Their Resolution Time to Less Than 24 Hours

How Veloretti Cuts Down Their Resolution Time in Half and Improves Their Team's Efficiency

How Comme Avant Uses Tags to Improve Team Efficiency and Maintains An NPS of 4.6/5

How Bagallery Improves Their Customer Satisfaction and Increases Their NPS from 19 to 41

How Jetson Centralizes Incoming Messages and Maintains an NPS of 4.85/5

How Milligram Manages All Tickets from a Single Platform and Increases 33% of Their One-Touch Tickets

How Switching to Gorgias Decreases Vape Superstore's Response Time by 70%

How TruWood Generates an Increase in Revenue With 62x Return on Investment

How Olipop Decreases Their Response Time by 88% and Resolution Time by 91% with 25x ROI

How SuperATV Decreases Their Response Time by 84% and Resolution Time by 82%

How Birddogs Keeps Their Brand Voice Consistent Across Dispersed Teams by Using Macros in 46% in Responses

How Death Wish Coffee Hits Aggressive 200% Growth Goals by Using Machine Learning

How Beardbrand's Support Team of One Closes One-Touch Tickets Faster by Switching to Gorgias

How Try The World Drops Their Response Time to One Business Day By Having a Strong Shopify Integration

How Sunski's Support Team of Two Reduces Their Response Time Using a Strong Shopify Integration

How Roma automates their ticket resolution and reduces their response time by 50%

How Nomad Uses Automation to Reduce Their Response Time and Resolution Time by over 70%

How MNML reduces their response time and resolution time by 35% by using social media integrations

How Marine Layer reduces their resolution time by 68% and increases their online orders by 75%

How Love Your Melon Automates 25% of Their Tickets and Gears Up for Busy Season

How Darn Good Yarn saves 335 customer service hours a year by switching to Gorgias

How Bokksu decreases their response time by 50% and drives sales using Gorgias Chat