Customer service is the new marketing

Great customer service fosters positive brand experience and brand loyalty. On the sole basis of customer satisfaction, you can elicit customer reviews and referrals.

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Turn your customer support
into a profit center

Provide customer service across all channels using a single app

Connect your support emails, social media and more in a single support app. You can connect as many Shopify stores as you want.

Gain productivity and speed with smart autoresponders and automation

Use intelligent macros that automatically pull variables from other apps. You can then add a bit of personalization and respond to the customer within seconds.

Get a holistic view of you customers

Merchants usually need to switch between multiple apps to respond to customer requests.

Pull data from all of them directly inside Gorgias, so your team immediately understands the customers context. Then, your agents can refund orders, edit shipping addresses in one click.

“Having quick access to previous order info in the helpdesk is super convenient and helps us turn our support agents into sales people.”
Ian Anderson,  Operations Manager @ mnml

he best way to improve your customer service is to know your customer. When you cater to your user base by providing exceptional customer service, you increase brand loyalty and gain loyalty points with those customers. When they have a great customer experience, they are more likely to come back in the future, provide a referral to a friend, or write customer reviews to increase brand awareness.

In order to provide this exceptional customer support, developing a customer service strategy to handle customer requests effectively is essential. You can gather insightful information on your customer service’s performance through customer information and customer statistics to define the most common questions asked, help desk KPIs and more.

Gorgias can help you refine your customer service strategy to improve customer interaction, checkout conversion, brand awareness and loyalty, and more. This helpdesk organizes any customer request received from a variety of social media and communication channels, and collects it to be addressed by you. You can also ask for customer reviews or a referral from their chats or follow up with them to increase your brand loyalty.

Once Gorgias helps you to know your customer and gather your customer support statistics, you can take action to improve where you are lacking. For example, you can integrate an automated shopping bot like Manychat and Chatfuel to automatically answer questions you have found to be most common from your customer statistics. This personal shopping assistant can also be deployed at checkout to offer discount codes and answer common questions to improve checkout conversion.

The goal of your ecommerce website should be to have the happiest customers possible. Happy customers give referrals, customer reviews, and other free marketing that is invaluable to your brand. Gorgias will help you keep them happy.

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