Boost Average Order Value and 9 More Reasons to Use Live Chat in Ecommerce

Frederik Nielsen
Frederik Nielsen
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July 16, 2020
July 16, 2020
Boost Average Order Value and 9 More Reasons to Use Live Chat in Ecommerce

For an average ecommmerce store, the conversion rates are only above 2%. That seems rather low, right? You can’t imagine having 1,000 people coming into your store and only 20 of them buying something from you. 

But the ecommerce market plays by different rules. 

Keep in mind that unlike a brick-and-mortar store, there are thousands of individuals visiting ecommerce stores daily. Plus, ecommerce doesn’t have the luxury of having a salesperson following customers around to help them with their shopping.

But what if we told you there’s a way to do just that?

If you don’t know much about live chat, then you’re in luck because we’ll now discuss:

  • What it is and how to use it to improve your store
  • How to see if it’s the right tool for you
  • What benefits will you see after you start using it 

Let’s see why live chat has managed to have so much hype around it for all these years…

What’s Live Chat and Why Do You Need It?

First off, let’s briefly explain what live chat is. Live chat is a platform that allows stores and customers to communicate with each other in real-time from your online store. 

The platform allows customer service agents to reach out to visitors and vice-versa. It’s also the leading communication method for a majority of online shoppers. 

Don’t believe us? Just look at the stats from a 2017 J.D. Power live chat study:

  • 42% of consumers prefer a live chat
  • 23 of consumers prefer email
  • 16% of consumers prefer forums

Why is live chat considered so effective for sales and customer support? Simply because of convenience. 

If you have customers all around the world in different time zones, phone calls are out of the question. Emails often take too long and customer support via social media means you're no longer in total control of your customer experience.

That’s why live chat is the perfect alternative to all of those communication channels. 

But despite this, you might be thinking that not all businesses require live chat technology. Why exactly should you invest in it? Read on to learn why every online store could benefit from live chat -- when it’s used right. 

Is Live Chat Right for Your Ecommerce Business?

The fact is that every store owner could use a bit of live chat in their life. 

Since you can’t have one of your employees follow people around and advise them on their purchasing decisions, you need the next best thing. 

Our live chat integration allows you to initiate visitor interactions with just a few clicks. 

Gorgias pulls relevant data from your Shopify or Magento platform and displays customer profiles, their purchase history, and other important details. 

You shouldn’t wait for your site visitors to reach out to you. Go to the consumers first and you’ll see just how much of a difference it will make. 

You can time automated messages on certain pages, to start the purchasing process. Also, you can offer special coupons and discount codes. 

10 Reasons to Use Live Chat for Your Ecommerce Store 

The reasons we discussed above may be enough for some people, but a good number of you probably still need some convincing. Let’s go over a few more reasons why this live chat is the element you’re missing to take your store where it needs to be. 

1. It Will Boost Conversion Rates

When done right, using live chat can end up boosting your revenue. For starters, by increasing customer satisfaction, it will bring in new visitors and potential shoppers. 

By strategically placing live chats on strategic pages, you can also decrease your cart abandonment rates. All of this will turn random website visitors into full-pledged brand supporters over time. 

Here are a couple of numbers you should keep in mind:

But this is just the beginning. Live chat can help you retain your customers in other ways.

2. You’ll be Able to Serve More People

Going through your inbox, one concerned shopper at a time is a daunting process. It can take ages to go through all of those emails. 

With live chat support, your employees can handle a few dozens of customers at the same time without breaking a sweat. 

Look at this Telus case study. The software selling company notes that their agents can handle up to six different customers at the same time. 

In turn, this allows their technical experts to answer more serious inquiries, without having to resort to email and breaking up the conversion flow. 

By allowing your agents to handle multiple people simultaneously will help you solve issues much quicker. 

3. You Can Have Real-Time Solutions

There’s nothing worse than having to pause your shopping, go around the site looking for contact information, then opening a new tab to write an email to the customer support. 

Unsurprisingly, a large chunk of people won’t bother with looking for information. If they come across a problem they can’t solve in mere minutes, they will probably leave your store, never to return again. 

Over time, this will balloon your bounce rate to alarming levels. But live chat can help you serve the people, without interrupting their purchase process. 

Here are the average response times online:

  • 12 hours for email
  • 10 hours for social media
  • Less than 120 seconds for live chat

It’s not hard to see why live chat so effective, for ecommerce businesses in particular. 

4. More People Will Leave Satisfied 

For many companies, customer satisfaction rates are low because of poor customer service. According to recent Forrester research, nearly 20% of customers will stop doing business with a company if they’re too slow to respond. 

The fact is that your website visitors really hate waiting.

You’re already aware of the fact that if your site fails to load quickly enough, a customer will probably leave. The same goes for customer support. When the agents take too long to respond, client satisfaction rates are bound to drop significantly. 

To keep the visitors happy, use Gorgias to create alerts so that live chat is automatically assigned to a free agent if it goes unanswered for 60 seconds. 

5. You’ll Have More Feedback from Shoppers

How can you improve your business if you’re not getting any feedback from the people doing business with you? 

After you successfully answer a question, you can ask the shopper about their experience with your store or even refer them to a survey they can fill out if they have the time. If their experience with the live chat was satisfying, then they’ll probably do it. 

Almost half of the websites with live chat don’t ask customers for feedback. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, use live chat to improve services as soon as possible. 

6. Your Clients Will Trust You More

How can you turn occasional shoppers into regular customers? You need to have their trust. 

People are always skeptical about purchasing things from people they’re not familiar with. That’s just human nature.

But with a direct line of communication, even a random visitor that stumbled upon your store by accident can get to know your business. 

The software closes the gap between online and live shopping. 

9 out of 10 online shoppers feel that the ability to talk to someone in real-time is what gives them the confidence they need to finish their purchase. 

Having a visible chat tab at the bottom of the page helps them see that help is always there when they need it. 

7. AOV Will Be Boosted

You should always try to get everything you need from every interaction with one of your shoppers. Navigating visitors to a live chat, you can learn a lot about them, get them to trust you more, and make them realize they haven’t bought everything they need from you. 

In simpler terms, live chat can increase average order value. 

You’ll be able to understand what products are they looking for and what kind of quality they’re accustomed to. Once you find all of that out, you can possibly recommend some other products. 

A little bit of personalization goes a long way. Giving visitors personalized suggestions will show them that your main interest is to keep them satisfied. Personalized messages can increase AOV by more than 50%.

8. You Can Nurture Relationships Easier

A good number of your store visitors want to buy something from you. And they’re probably going to do it. 

However, it might take them a couple of visits to make up their mind. But you can’t just let these people go and hope they’ll come back soon to make a purchase.

You can’t be passive in these situations. 

By chatting with these visitors, you can learn a few things about them, possibly get their contact, and turn them into leads. Once they do return, your agents won’t be talking to anonymous visitors but real prospects. 

9. Understanding the Voice of Consumers

Not only does talking to a customer in real-time allow your agents to answer their inquiries and perhaps persuade them to finish their sale, but it also gives you valuable insight. 

In addition to contact information, you’ll be also able to collect what’s known as VOC data

This data lets you know how people view your brand. By giving you a different perspective on the matter you can know how your actions affect the behavior of your shoppers, and what affects them both positively and negatively. 

Why’s this data important? 

Well, companies that collect it have a 10X larger year-over-year revenue increase, compared to the companies in their industry. 

10. You’ll Have More Return on Investment 

What’s more important than the money you make? People that chose to chat with sales agents before making any decisions are almost 50% more likely to make repeated purchases

The ones that engage in any chat at all also have 40% higher conversion rates. 

Investing in chat software will pay off in the long run. People want to have access to someone who will help them make a decision. Knowing that an agent is always there to help them in real-time is what will have shoppers coming time and time again.

Some companies have managed to increase their revenue by almost 300% after only one year of using live chat. 

Live Chat is a Must-Have for Ecommerce

We hope that you realize why live chat is a must-have in today’s world of ecommerce. No matter what you’re selling - whether it’s fitness equipment, clothing, or even high-end jewelry - you can use live chat to cultivate your customer relationships. 

By using the power of live chat, you can easily:

  • Help the people be more satisfied doing business with you
  • Become better at customer support and boost your brand
  • Overall, give the people that visit your store a superior experience

Whether you’re using Shopify or Magento, our live chat integration can help you. Don’t forget to sign up for Gorgias and get a 15-day free trial.

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