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September 19, 2018

Facebook Messenger is becoming a new marketing channels for brands. They use it as a way to build personal relationships with customers and to drive higher conversion than traditional email marketing.

Today, we're excited to announce our newest integration: Octane AI.

The challenge with Messenger marketing

When a brand launches a marketing campaigns on Messenger, it typically leads to insane conversion rates. That's why the trend is on the rise.

Another consequence is that a lot of customers respond to promotional Messenger communication. This generates a spike of support requests, that your support team has to deal with.

Our integration with Octane AI lets you handle this support spike directly in Gorgias. Your agents have context about the customer: they see the conversation history before the Messenger conversation (did the customer email you last night?), and allow you to take action, like editing or refunding an order

What you can do with the integration

  • Respond to requests from customers, to make sure none of them falls through the cracks
  • See the order data from Shopify next to your Messenger conversations
  • Automatically respond to common questions, such as "where is my order"

Customers are already using Octane AI and Gorgias. Here's what Live Love Polish has to say about the Octane AI and Gorgias integration:

“We’re really thrilled that Gorgias and Octane AI came together to make the customer service experience over Messenger even better for our customers. Accessible customer service is central to what we do at Live Love Polish. Answering customer questions via Messenger has made our customers happier.”

Do you want to give this a shot? If you use both tools, just connect your Facebook page to your Gorgias account and see the magic happen. If not, create a Gorgias account, or sign up for Octane AI.

Do you have questions? Just hit the chat bubble, our team would love to tell you more about the integration!

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