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June 8, 2017

Today, we’re thrilled to announce we’re joining the Shopify Plus Technology partner program.

Over the past few months, we’ve worked with some incredible Shopify Plus merchants like Darn Good Yarn, Fjallraven and Frichti, who serve tens of thousands of customers every month. What they all had in common was a shared commitment to maximizing the efficiency of the customer service team to keep delivering high-quality support as they grow.

We’ve worked with other technology partners, like LoyaltyLion, in order to provide merchants with a holistic view of their customers when they respond to them in an effort to continue delivering best-in-class support interactions. We’ve also worked with the Plus team to leverage the latest features of the Shopify Plus API, to allow agents to create customized solutions for their customers, For example, creating personalized gift cards based on support conversations.

Using our technology, we’re proud to announce that our Shopify Plus customers have managed to improve their support request treatment time by 30%.

By joining the Technology Partner Program, we’re excited to take our collaboration with Shopify Plus and Shopify Plus merchants to the next level, by further enabling more customers to improve their customer service.

"We are glad to welcome Gorgias to the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program. We’re particularly excited about how they’re helping our merchants provide efficient & personalized customer support, and hope they can help more of them."
Jamie Sutton, Head of Technology Partnerships, Shopify Plus
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