How to get rid of “Where is my order” request?

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December 19, 2017
Customer Support

Are you tired of all of the “Where is my order?” messages? Sick of copy and pasting tracking numbers to your customers over and over again?

When managing customer support for an ecommerce store, the #1 support question is “Where is my order.” It accounts for 40% of the customer requestson average. Your customers have high expectations on the delivery date. If there is any delay, you can be sure they will reach out to your support asking questions: “Where is my order?” ,“I’m still waiting for my order” , “Have you lost my order?” , or some variation of this message.

When this happens, you or a support agent has to look for the order number on a database, find the tracking number, paste that number into a tracking site, and finally type a reply to the customer. This process repeats over and over and over again.

What if you could eliminate all of these requests with one simple solution?

That is the mission of Gorgias, use automation to make customer support more efficient.

Gorgias integrates seamlessly with any Shopify store to reply automatically to customers seeking more information about their orders. This means no more copy and pasting tracking numbers or order numbers as well as reduced support volume and ticket resolution time.

Let’s look at the numbers

For the last two months, one of our customers, a Shopify store selling sports items received 23,000 support tickets. Among them, 9,200 tickets concerned the order status. Gorgias automatically recognized and replied to 75% of them which means 7,000 tickets were resolved without the interaction of any agent.
Given they previously spent on average 10 minutes per ‘where is my order’ request, they saved 130 hours of support per week.

Automation of response to 'where is my order?'

Would you like to reduce your support volume by 40% this week? Create a Gorgias account, connect Shopify, and see just how simple it is. Book a demo here and we can get you all setup with the automation you need!

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