The Best Magento 2 Extensions to Grow your Store's Revenue

Romain Lapeyre
Romain Lapeyre
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May 18, 2022
The Best Magento 2 Extensions to Grow your Store's Revenue
To celebrate Gorgias launch on Magento 2, we've handpicked the best Magento 2 extensions to delight your shoppers and generate more sales.

Magento, an Adobe company, is one of the leading eCommerce platforms and requires no introduction. Tens of thousands of enterprise eCommerce businesses and perhaps hundreds of thousands of online sellers trust the brand with their online store. What are the best Magento extensions to delight your shoppers and help you generate more sales? Read on to find out.

What is a Magento Extension? 

A Magento extension is essentially a block of code (PHP) that allows eCommerce developers to add extended functionalities to and integrate existing tools with online stores. Extensions are created by the brand’s partners with the intent of automating enhanced online business operations for eCommerce stores. Thousands are available in the Magento Marketplace.   

[Screenshot source: Magento]

Leveraging easy-to-install extensions to automate and enhance eCommerce processes saves time for online store owners and enhances the user experience (UX) for shoppers. Keep reading to learn more. 

What Types of Processes Can Extensions Help You With? 

An extension can help enhance the processes for nearly unlimited eCommerce website functions. The Magento marketplace contains over 5,000 extensions in nine categories: 

  1. Accounting & Finance
  2. Content & Customizations
  3. Customer Support
  4. Marketing
  5. Payments & Security
  6. Reporting & Analytics
  7. Sales
  8. Shipping & Fulfillment
  9. Site Optimization

The largest portion of extensions are compatible with Magento 2 stores, and the rest are compatible with Magento 1. They can help your site show up in search results, improve your checkout process, increase your conversion rates, and more. 

Read on to learn about the top Magento extensions available in the marketplace.

Best Magento Extensions for Accounting & Finance

Running a business is all about numbers: cash flow, ROI, revenue, and reporting. With these extensions, you can squeeze the most juice from the accounting and finance aspects of your online store. 

1. QuickBooks

[Screenshot source: QuickBooks]

QuickBooks is the preferred accounting software for countless companies across the globe. Chances are you’re already using the software. And, you should know that you can integrate Magento with Quickbooks to automate data delivery to your accounting dashboard. 

Not only does this extension make it possible for you to keep track of sales, but you can also store data about customers, products, inventory management (in-stock supplies). And, you can use it to send invoices from your online store dashboard when necessary. This extension supports all Magento payment methods and provides tax synchronization for the most convenience. 

So, especially if you’re already a QuickBooks user, check out this extension. It will streamline and optimize your accounting processes while storing data that would otherwise take a ton of effort to collect. 


[Screenshot source: MYOB]

MYOB is an ERP and payroll extension that can help you eradicate obstacles in your resource management operations. Kensium’s Magento connector can be used to sync your Magento and MYOB dashboards for streamlined processes including detailed information about customers, shipping, inventory, and sales. 

In addition, this extension helps you empower your team with access to up-to-date, accurate information about the above operations while being able to provide customers with trustworthy, helpful support. Basically, you give yourself access to all the necessary data needed to handle internal operations well. 

So, try the MYOB extension for Magento and save on the resources that are otherwise spent handling these processes manually and save time. Your customers and your staff will appreciate the improvements to your operations. 

Leading Magento Extensions for Content & Customizations

“Content is king,” according to most digital marketers. The quality of content you create and share on product pages, landing pages, and on your blog will make all the difference in your store's conversion rates and help increase sales. Use these extensions to get more from your content and customizations.

3. Nosto Personalization

[Image source: Nosto]

The Nosto Personalization extension for Magento empowers you to treat each shopper who lands on your site as unique as they are. The powerful API collects data from hundreds of thousands of points in online stores to customize the shopping experience. That data is taken into account and used to predict and deliver the most relevant information to the site visitor in real-time. 

A key reason this is one of the best Magento extensions available is that it gives you the ability to appeal to customers at every touchpoint, on all devices. As a retailer, you will be able to attract, convert, retain, and continually optimize your processes throughout the entire shopping journey with each individual who visits your store. 

At its core, Nosto is a machine learning engine that delivers optimized shopping experiences using a “product graph.”  The technology can predict with unparalleled accuracy what your shoppers are interested in and likely to purchase. But, in the end, you are the one in control over how your content is delivered. And, with the user-friendly interface, campaigns can be launched quickly with little to no IT assistance. 

4. Custom Stock Status by Amasty

[Screenshot source: Amasty]

Amasty is a popular extension developer with tens of thousands of users of their many apps. Custom stock status is one of the most useful content tools you will find on the market. Simply put, Custom Stock Status lets your shoppers know when a product is low in stock, on backorder, or coming soon. 

Displaying this information is crucial for online store owners because there’s nothing more annoying for a shopper than when they place a purchase only to find out later that it will not be delivered on-time. When this happens, you lose your opportunity to retail the customer

The problem is avoided by using an extension to display the correct and up-to-date stock information for your shoppers. In addition to displaying information, you can include a link to more information, enable automatic date display in the stock information box, cross off out of stock products, and manually edit custom stock statuses for multiple products. 

Top Magento Extensions for Customer Support

A cornerstone of your business is customer support. The satisfaction of your shoppers will determine your retention rate and your annual revenue. Automate and customize your support processes with these extensions. 

5. Gorgias

Gorgias is the first full-suite customer support app designed for Magento stores. Use this extension to reply to your customers across all channels including live chat, email, social media, and more. The live chat portion of your operations can be automated tremendously to save you time, energy, and manpower. And, your team can see all previous and current conversations happening with a customer to avoid gaps and overlaps in communication.

This extension will integrate with Magento, ReCharge, ShipStation, and dozens of other apps so that you can access order information, the status of your deliveries, and other crucial information from a single dashboard. Plus, you can connect multiple Magento stores to a single account for a streamlined approach to online support.

Users say that their customer service team’s response time decreased exponentially when they added Gorgias to their store or moved to the platform from another helpdesk software option. This is definitely one of the best Magento extensions you can add to your store. 

6. Advanced FAQ Module by MageCloud

[Screenshot source: MageCloud]

The Advanced FAQ Module extension by MageCloud is one of the most robust options for creating an FAQ template in the platform. First of all, it allows you to write separate lists of questions and answers for each of your categories, giving you more control over the shopping and research experience users have on your store. With this option, customers are able to find fast answers to relevant questions based on what they are looking for. 

On the front end, it can be viewed from all web browsers. Shoppers can leverage advanced search features and view the most frequently asked questions first. And, with a single click, they can expand and collapse list items to keep their experience simple. 

On the back end, admins are able to set the most frequently asked questions to the front of the list, add an FAQ menu to the Magento dashboard, and manage FAQ categories. In addition, you can set “wise categories” to deliver a fully-customized shopping experience. 

Premiere Magento Extensions for Marketing

Without marketing, you will have no access to an audience. And, without extensions, you won’t have access to all of the available options for getting your content seen by prospects. Leverage these extensions to optimize your eCommerce marketing. 

7. Yotpo

[Image source: Yotpo]

If you read our article on the best Shopify apps, you know we love Yotpo. If not, this may be the first time you’ve heard of them. What’s exciting is that Yotpo integrates seamlessly with Magento as well. The Magento extension enables you to leverage customer advocacy through technology, accelerating company growth and maximizing the lifetime value of your customers. 

Online sellers can take advantage of a proprietary AI engine to collect and strategically display user-generated content (UGC): 

  • Reviews - start collecting more company and product reviews and Q&A.
  • Photos & Videos  - beautifully display your products in real scenarios through customer photo and video. 

Use the tools to improve your brand's trust through social proof. And, while you’re at it, collect crucial feedback to power your future marketing campaigns and business operations. 

8. POWr Social Feed

[Screenshot source: POWr]

Social Feed is one of the best Magento extensions offered by POWr, who offers a full suite of tools for eCommerce stores. This tool allows you to easily display posts on your website from any social media network. Try using it with the following: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr
  • RSS
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo

In addition, you can combine multimedia content in a single feed: 

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Articles

POWr’s tools are trusted by over 12 million websites worldwide. This extension is for online store owners because it helps you update site visitors without the need to manually share your new mosts from various channels. It saves you resources that would otherwise be spent on SMM. 

But, you don’t have to share everything -- you can enable manual approvals to ensure that only the posts you want shoppers to see are displayed. 

Highest-Rated Magento Extensions for Payments & Security

Your shoppers expect a secure order process. If you can’t provide it, they won’t follow through with their transactions. Create a reliable payment and security workflow with these extensions. 

9. One Step Checkout by Aheadworks

[Screenshot source: Aheadworks]

One Step Checkout does precisely what you might think: reduces the number of steps in your checkout process from six to one. The top reason shoppers leave their carts at the last second before making a purchase is a complicated checkout process -- leading you to spend excessive time and money on abandoned cart recovery

Using this extension, you simplify the process for your customers and increase the odds that they’ll stay on your site long enough to follow through with their purchase. The responsive design of this checkout add-on will adjust to your shopper’s screen, making it easy to move completely through from any device. 

10. Stripe

[Screenshot source: Stripe]

Stripe’s secure payment gateway provides you with the most flexible transaction processing solution for eCommerce. This extension is scalable and can help you build trust with your customers using a brand they already know and trust. Easily accept credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and local payments. 

Stripe is compatible with over 135 currencies worldwide and the machine-learning-powered fraud detection keeps companies and consumers safe during the checkout process. Hence, it will help you generate more sales. 

Favorite Magento Extensions for Reporting & Analytics

Crunching numbers is how you’re going to make informed business decisions. You need to be able to analyze the right aspects of your business and see how they play out from quarter to quarter. For better reporting and analytics, check out these extensions. 

11. Advanced Reports by Aheadworks

[Screenshot source: Aheadworks]

The Advanced Reports extension by Aheadworks provides online store owners with the ideal dashboard for collecting and arranging data. Included with the extension are 13 report templates, and 10 more are available as separate purchases. Use adjustable graphs and tables to represent your data and export your findings via CSV and Excel. 

This extension can help you make informed decisions by keeping you informed about the facts of your business. Give yourself a continual stream of knowledge and learn to provide your customers with what they want based on what’s working for them and what isn’t. Segment your data nearly any way you want to get a deep look into real user behavior. 

12. Order Export by XTENTO 

[Screenshot source: XTENTO]

The Order Export extension by XTENTO is a reliable way for you to export important data from your Magento dashboard to use in offline operations or share with individuals working outside the eCommerce dashboard. This might include marketing professionals, advisors, developers, or anyone that needs the information located inside the dashboard. 

If you’re not a developer yourself, your dev team might use this extension to deliver valuable information to you about the health of your online store. It supports all product types and enables you to trigger exports manually, automatically on a schedule, or on events. Also, it gives you the ability to implement “smart exports” that only contain new data so your information is up-to-date. 

Most Popular Magento Extensions for Sales

The purpose of every business is to make money. The only to make money is through sales. Enhance your online store with the best Magento extensions for sales. 

13. Loyalty Lion

[Image source: Magento]

Another one of our favorite brands, Loyalty Lion, offers an outstanding Magento sales extension to automate your loyalty and rewards programs. This tool allows you to reward your customers for nearly any online activity: subscriptions, purchases, reviews, and more. In the case that you’re serious about scaling your operations, a loyalty or reward program should be on your radar. 

Loyalty Lion can help you improve your online store’s customer engagement, retention, and revenue. Offer a fully-customizable, sophisticated platform for your shoppers to earn benefits by liking your page on Facebook, following you on Instagram, registering an account, and more. 

14. Product Scheduler by Extension Hut

[Screenshot source: Extension Hut]

Product Scheduler is an extension that gives you the ability to set and change product statuses. Make changes during events such as seasons, special occasions, weekends, and more. It’s great for scheduling a new product launch, enabling a product’s visibility within a specific date range, and more. 

Another feature is that you can set product opening and closing hours. So, you can seamlessly run flash sales. Customize details by adding attributes to every product type and a variation of attribute types. Check this extension out if you want to make the most of your product launches. 

Trusted Magento Extensions for Shipping & Fulfillment

When shipping and fulfilling customer orders, you need to be at the top of your game. Give yourself the ability to provide a fast, reliable, informative experience for your shoppers. Enhance your shipping and fulfillment operations with these extensions. 

15. Pre Order by Amasty

[Screenshot source: Amasty]

If you’re interested in allowing your customers to pre-order your products before they are in stock, this extension is a must-have. Empower yourself by examining your customer demand for specific items before you commit to adding them to your inventory. Then, restock your warehouse based on your customers’ needs. 

Pre Order by Amasty is a solution that gives you the ability to showcase the option to make a purchase in advance. You will have the option to place a “Pre Order” button on your product pages instead of “Add to Cart,” which implies that your item is already in stock.  The main feature is the indication of consumer interest in items you consider adding to your catalog. 

16. ShipStation

[Screenshot source: ShipStation]

With ShipStation’s Magento extension, you can sync your online store to the ShipStation dashboard where you receive and manage orders, print labels, and automate shipping, updates, and emails. This extension works well with multiple stores, giving you the ability to keep your operations separate or handle them in tandem. And, the API is continually updated, so new features are always being added. 

One excellent feature is shipping update automation -- you won’t have to monitor the status of orders. Instead, the app will send notifications to your customers for you as soon as any update is available. Yet, the customer will never know since the messages will be customized to match your brand and personality. 

Recommended Magento Extensions for Site Optimization

On-site SEO and page load speed are critical to your store’s success. Because, if you can’t provide a great experience, your shoppers might move away from your store and never return. So, try out the best Magento extensions for website optimization. 

17. Landing Pages by Amasty

[Screenshot source: Amasty]

Landing Pages by Amasty is one of the best Magento extensions for SEO. By creating landing pages that display specific groups of products, you give your pages more chances to rank in search engines. While this is an advanced SEO tool, it is extremely user-friendly. 

While you may be thinking, “Wait, haven’t I heard not to display duplicate content on my site?” That’s correct. But, by creating multiple landing pages with varying product collections in addition to your categories, each page is unique, containing unique content, and you can fully-customize to ensure this. 

Display products with specific tags, features, or those that are on-sale to give your prospects more chances of finding you in search. This extension makes it so much easier than you expect. 

18. Page Speed by Templates Master

[Screenshot source: Templates Master]

The Page Speed tool is one of the best Magento extensions you could add to your store right now. Did you know you only have a couple of seconds to capture a new website visitor’s attention before they move away and never return? Make sure that doesn’t happen by testing and optimizing your page load speed on all devices. Template Master’s add-on will help you. 

Page Speed will minify your JS, CSS, and HTML code for faster page load speeds. In addition, it will use to optimize your images. This extension is compatible with multiple stores and helps tremendously improve your SEO with little effort on your part.

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