Can Adding Phone Support Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Derric Haynie
Derric Haynie
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April 29, 2019
April 2, 2020
Can Adding Phone Support Improve Customer Satisfaction?

A Look into the Gorgias + Aircall Integration and What Phone Support Could Mean For Your Ecommerce Store and Your Customers

Customers are looking for three things when they contact a brand’s support team:

  • A fast resolution
  • A reliable fix
  • A sense of satisfaction

This is why having a phone channel can be vital to serving your customers.

Credit: Aircall

The telephone can be a trusted way to meet these expectations and improve customer satisfaction.

Phone facilitates instant and personal interactions that let agents understand and solve issues in minutes.

An integrated VoIP phone system can also turn your phone channel into a productivity tool for your support agents.

When Should a Shopify Store Use a Phone System? When your:

- A scaling Ecommerce company that is rapidly growing a support team.
- An Established Ecommerce companies with a growing call volume.
- Have other teams using the phone (sales/ purchasing…).

When Shoudn't a Shopify Store Use a Phone System? When your:
- Below 3 agents on the phone
- Starting your store or under $250k/year revenue.
- Don't have documented support processes.
- Don't have a dedicated customer service manager.

Benefits of Using an Integrated Phone System

The benefits of an integrated phone system are:

  • Faster resolution time.
  • Matching tickets to repeat callers.
  • Automatically logging call recordings and notes.
  • Syncing Aircall data with Gorgias data.
  • Adding a human touch to customer journey.

Do you think integrating Aircall could be right for you? 

You can reach out to and we will connect you directly with an account rep to see if it's the right fit.

Already an Aircall customer, here's how you setup the integration:

How to Setup Your Aircall Integration

Setting up a phone system -- like Aircall -- with Gorgias is truly a matter of just a few clicks:

Here's how you do it:

  1. If you're not an existing customer, head over to Aircall and setup your account with them.
  2. Then head to the integration section of the Gorgias dashboard and click on Aircall.
  3. Copy the URL that is displayed.
  4. Paste the URL as a Webhook in the integration section of Aircall dashboard

And that’s it. Note: You can also specify in Gorgias which Aircall lines connect to your helpdesk:

You can find the full Gorgias integration support article here.

Once Integrated, These Time-Saving Features are Automatically Enabled

Great, you’re setup with Aircall and Gorgias, congratulations.

Here is what to expect:

An open ticket is created at the beginning of every call. It’s matched to the right Shopify customer and assigned to the agent who answered the call.

How cool is that?

Your team can easily update Shopify information in Gorgias while on the phone.

All standard call details are logged in addition to a complete call recording (or voicemail), type of call, duration and the agent who picked up.

Aircall data is synced with Gorgias’ analytics feature, providing you with omni-channel statistics.


With each interaction, your agent can focus fully on the assisting the customer, not the usual busywork

Plus, if you want to work with SMS. Your Aircall number can be used to send messages through Gorgias.

4 Smart Workflows for Advanced Productivity

Software integrations already provide noticeable productivity increases. However, using Gorgias’ smart rules to manage the information logged by Aircall makes life even easier.

You can implement these “smart” workflows by going to your Gorgias settings and creating a “new rule.” Feel free to tailor the examples we provide to your specific use case.

Tagging Voicemails

If you handle high call volumes, it can be difficult to separate voicemail messages from other inbound. To make the distinction clear, consider adding tags to your calls using the rules pictured below.

Create a Dedicated Voicemail View

Once your voicemails are correctly tagged, you’ll want to have a “view” specifically for them.

Go to the ticket section in Gorgias, and click on “view settings.” Scroll down and select “create new view,” like the workflow below.

Tag Calls According to Specific Lines

When looking at your open tickets you can see which ones arrived via phone, but which specific line the customer dialed-in on is a mystery. This can be an issue, especially if some lines are high-priority (ex: an emergency “after-hours” line).

No worries below is a quick fix: just tag your phone lines!

Automatically apply text back macro to a phone call

Fun fact: About 40% of customer inquiries are some variation of “Where is my order?”

When you create workflows that automatically answer this,and other, common questions, you can save your agents valuable time. Here’s a ~5 minute fix that helps answer recurring questions, fast.

  • Create an IVR line in Aircall (30s). This lets customers route their calls to different lines.
  • Record a welcome message such as: “Hi, thanks for reaching our company, if you need information about your order press [1], if you want to reach out to a representative, press [2]”. (1 minute)
  • Direct the customers pressing [1] to your shipping line (30s to create it in Aircall), those pressing [2] to your regular line (30s to create in Aircall).  
  • Define a welcome message for your shipping line: “Thanks for inquiring, we’re currently sending you the most up-to-date information regarding your order. Let us know if you need anything else.” (1 minute)
  • Finally set up the rule in Gorgias described below (1 minute). This will send the correct shipping information to your contact. (Note that your reply can be either via SMS or email depending on your preferences. If you choose email, make sure every order/profile has mandatory phone number and email fields.)

The “Where is my order” macro is pre-defined in Gorgias, as shown below.

Discovering Other Workflows

Once you become familiar with the Rules feature in Gorgias, there are many more advanced workflows possible. Basically any routine task can be completed automatically using the correct inputs.

Final Thoughts

To discover what’s possible within Aircall, we encourage you to check out the Aircall blog for tips and insider knowledge.

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