Top Magento Extensions to Install to Prepare You for BFCM 2022

Frederik Nielsen
Frederik Nielsen
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April 4, 2022
October 6, 2020
Top Magento Extensions to Install to Prepare You for BFCM 2022

Here are some pretty staggering statistics that proves just how important these days are for the online shopping community:

Even though these holidays rack in crazy sales, they are also a logistical nightmare. It would be nearly impossible to have everything run smoothly without any help. 

But, instead of hiring actual professionals, Magento sellers can actually install helpful apps.

These apps are the most cost-effective way of dealing with BFCM.

In this article, we will discuss our top ten app recommendations that will change your BFCM game forever. 

Before we proceed, though, we would like to share some tips on how to handle the back-end side of things as well.

How to Survive Black Friday and Cyber Monday

While it is expected that this year’s BFCM sales will drop, the surge in traffic will definitely remain significant. To ensure that your customers leave your store happy, you need to be proactive in regards to preparations. Preparation is the key to ensure that your store doesn’t wrack up massive losses in the event of an accident or mistake. 

Here are some tips on what to do before BFCM arrives:

Improve Customer Support Efforts

Brand reputation is very important - it increases customer loyalty and trust. A reputable brand should always take great care of their customers, especially during high-volume days. Scaling your customer support efforts is imperative during BFCM. Shoppers are likely going to have tons of inquiries, so being able to handle all the tickets is a must. We recommend adding a live chat option to make the experience as convenient as possible for the customer.

Don’t Forget About the Mobile Experience

Even though desktop purchases are more popular during BFCM, in 2019 over 39% of Black Friday sales happened on Smartphones. You’ll be missing out on a lot of potential sales if your site isn’t mobile optimized. That is especially the case with images - make sure they fit the mobile screen size. Otherwise, your customers won’t notice any special deals or promotions on your website.

Collect Actionable Data

Because BFCM brings in a massive surge in users, it can be a great opportunity to gather useful information. You can analyze customer behavior on the website, keep track of their shopping habits, and analyze this actionable data with the help of Gorgias. You can then use this information to optimize all future campaigns and sales. Not only will you improve your customer’s experience, but you will also see a positive shift in sales.

Top 10 Magento Apps That Will Improve Sales on Black Friday

As we have mentioned before, using apps is a great way to deal with BFCM without breaking a bank. This event is important for both sellers and customers, which is why it should be carefully thought-out. Magento extensions were created to assist sellers with various tasks. They often use automation, allowing sellers to have more free time on their hands.

What also makes these apps great is the fact that you can continue using them even after BFCM. For example, sellers can install apps to collect valuable customer data during BFCM, and then analyze this information to optimize all future campaigns. These are our top ten picks:

1. Gorgias

Customer support is repetitive, tedious, and tough to manage if you don’t have the right tools. 

Enter Gorgias, the #1 rated helpdesk for ecommerce stores. Gorgias centralizes all customer communication through their robust integrations and connects every dot to make your customer service team’s life better. 

With a direct integration Magento integration, you can see and edit order information directly in Magento. No more switching tabs just to execute a simple order change. Use pre-made templates that include customer data like shipping and order details from your Magento store to address any question in 2 clicks.

Leverage Gorgias’ power automation and stop losing time by responding to recurring requests. Never answer the question “Where is my order” again. 

2. One Step Checkout (Firecheckout)

Image source: FireCheckout

Cart abandonment is a huge issue in the ecommerce business. In fact, more than 26% of customers would rather leave the website than have to go through a complex checkout process. When big selling events happen, customers are always in a rush to get as many good Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals as possible. So, sellers need to consider that when preparing for BFCM.

One Step Checkout by FireCheckout is a nifty Magento extension that merges all checkout steps into a single place, to expedite the process. Standard Magento checkout requires customers to go through multiple pages before being able to finalize the purchase. FireCheckout also offers features such as address autocomplete, geolocation, page keywords, and credit card autosave. And, it has a mobile-friendly version too.

3. Product Review Reminder

Image source: Magento

Reviews are an important part of every ecommerce store for multiple reasons. According to TrustPilot, 89% of customers noted that they read reviews before finalizing a purchase. That makes reviews crucial for building brand trust and generating sales. However, leaving a review is slightly time-consuming, which is why sometimes customers just skip out on it. 

Don’t worry, though! According to BrightLocal, a staggering 68% of customers would leave a review after being asked to do so. Review Reminder is a tool that reminds users to leave reviews by sending automated emails. Sellers can also schedule reminders and give incentives such as coupons to encourage customers to leave a review. Moreover, they can create templates and customer groups.

4. Special Promotions Pro

Image source: Amasty

It has been proven - coupons and rewards create excitement in customers. That is not surprising, though. Promotions and rewards make the shopping experience more thrilling and enjoyable. Special Promotions Pro is a great tool that allows users to create custom incentives that would encourage the customer to buy.

Sellers can create personalized promotions using customers’ account data (order history, name, DOB, etc.). Some triggers and actions include:

  • Buy X Get Y (e.g. Buy two shirts, get a belt for free)
  • Get $X for $Y spent (e.g. Get $5 off for every $50 spent)

5. Abandoned Cart Email

Image source: Magento

The average cart abandonment rate of ecommerce stores is 69.57%. In total, that is over $18 billion of loss in sales. To prevent that from happening, sellers should consider using the Abandoned Cart Email app. This extension enables you to send attractive email reminders about abandoned shopping carts with added incentives.

These incentives may include coupon codes, rewards, gifts, etc. After all, 60% of customers have reported that they love receiving digital coupons. And 50% of them are more likely to visit a store if they receive one. For customers, receiving Black Friday coupon codes just before the event is a godsend. 

6. Custom Stock Status

Image source: Amasty

The fear of missing out is a factor that all sellers should consider when trying to prepare for Black Friday sales. Customers know that good items sell out fast, especially during high-selling days. That is why notifying them about low stock items will rush them into finalizing the purchase. Consequently, it will lead to more sales and perhaps even an increase in return costumers.

Custom Stock Status is a Magento tool that allows users to put speaking stock statuses on their website. They can assign stock statuses both manually and automatically, display out-of-stock options, and use appealing stock status icons. You can also test out the demo on their website to see if it’s a good fit.

7. Auto Currency Switcher

Image source: FmeExtensions

What’s great about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales is the fact that they bring in customers from all around the globe. Unfortunately, currency exchange rates differ from country to country. And it can be tedious having to convert each price over and over again. To make your customers feel special, consider installing the Auto Currency Switcher extension.

This app allows sellers to display product prices in local currencies by recognizing the user’s geo-location. Sellers can also enable price rounding in local currencies, and restrict currency switching for specific users. That will make the price points more appealing to the customer. 

8. Mconnect Customer Specific Product & Price

Image source: MconnectMedia

Personalizing prices based on different customer categories can improve sales drastically. Mconnect Customer Specific Product & Price app allows sellers to create custom prices and customize viewing options for certain customers. Meaning that only specified groups of customers would be able to access sales or see selected categories.

Some other noteworthy features include:

  • Setting price priorities
  • Importing CSV files
  • Controlling product visibility
  • Prompting the customer to log in by redirecting them to the login page

9. LoyaltyLion

Image source: Magento

LoyaltyLion is an award-winning software solution that aims to increase customer engagement, retention, and overall earnings. This useful tool enables sellers to create custom loyalty programs that incentivize customers to buy and bring in even more customers. They can choose between different activities, such as:

  • Offering points for creating accounts, leaving reviews, liking their social media page, following them on Instagram, etc.
  • Award types - points, discounts, gifts, free shipping, etc.
  • Adding loyalty tiers that encourage shoppers to reach the highest level

We recommend creating a custom BFCM loyalty program promotion. Then, announce this promotion via emails to your customers to increase engagement, interest, and earnings.

10. Privy

Image source: Magento

There’s no better time to start thinking about discounts and how to announce them. It is important to create banners that are colorful, bright, and noticeable. You can easily do that without any graphic design knowledge by using Privy. Privy is a favorite in the ecommerce industry because of its unique features and incentives. Sellers can add attractive pop-up banners to highlight active sales, create customized pop-ups, fly-outs, and spin-to-wins. 

They can also choose whether to trigger these pop-ups when the customer is leaving the website or abandoning their cart. Not only that, but you can also use them for email marketing purposes. For example, to play a spin-to-win, the shopper has to enter their email address.

Conclusion - Preparation Is the Key to Success

As we approach the highly-anticipated BFCM season, there are a couple of important things that all sellers should consider. When it comes to these high-traffic events, sellers need to be proactive about their preparation. It is important not to miss anything because a single error can have devastating consequences.

If you start planning and optimizing your ecommerce store in advance, you will have a stress-free BFCM experience. Good luck!

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