Announcing the ShopMessage integration

Philippe Roireau
Philippe Roireau
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August 2, 2018
April 2, 2020
Announcing the ShopMessage integration

ShopMessage and Gorgias are excited to announce a seamless integration enabling you to scale Facebook Messenger uses while minimizing customer support.

Key Integration Feature :

  • If you use both ShopMessage and Gorgias then the two platforms will work automatically with no additional setup
  • User generated quick-replies and bot replies won’t create extra tickets in your helpdesk
  • Use Gorgias to set up automatic responses to user generated messages in Messenger


Over the past year, brands have started over 100 million conversations with customers over Messenger using the ShopMessage platform. These conversations have led to well over $100 million in incremental sales for ShopMessage customers.

But opening a new channel for brands to market to customers also impacts Customer Service teams, who in some cases have seen large increases in incoming tickets and customer messages from Facebook Messenger.

If your business is new to Messenger, this influx of conversations can be daunting. It would take an army of Customer Service agents to have individual conversations with each customer, but Gorgias helps you manage and automate these conversations so that your customers immediately get the answer they’re looking for.

With the ShopMessage-Gorgias integration, conversations and quick-replies from ShopMessage are automatically closed and archived. That means that only replies actually typed by customers will appear in your Gorgias inbox.

Our ShopMessage - Gorgias integration overcomes many of the shortcomings encountered when trying to use a Messenger bot along with any other helpdesk.

Some shortcomings of other platforms include:

  • Every Facebook Messenger message (bot or human) opens a ticket
  • A timestamp bug where the message is perceived as being delayed
  • Inability to set auto-reply rules on the messenger channel

With our new integration, Gorgias is the best tool to manage customer-service related Facebook Messenger interactions created by ShopMessage.


About ShopMessage

ShopMessage is the leading e-commerce Messenger chatbot. Its marketing automation platform helps brands drive sales through interactive Messenger flows and campaigns. Brands including Fashion Nova, American Eagle Outfitters, Pura Vida Bracelets, and MVMT have driven over $100M in sales via Messenger over the past year. ShopMessage has been chosen as a Facebook Messenger Platform Development Partner.

About Gorgias

Gorgias is a help desk built for Shopify with Automation and Monetization on top of mind. It empowers merchants to manage all their customer support in one place: email, Facebook Messenger, chat, phone & social media. They get a holistic view of their customers, which includes previous conversations across all channels, order history, payments, and more. It also has countless custom automation possibilities for all recurring questions such as ‘where is my order’, ‘how to return or exchange a product’ and so many more.

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