What Customer Support should be

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March 6, 2015
April 2, 2020
What Customer Support should be

Customer Support should be a personalized conversation

In a remarkable Medium story, Yoav had a 50 min layover in Amsterdam and was concerned about whether he’ll be able to catch his next flight. Thus, he decided to reach out to KLM on their Facebook page. The KLM support agent responded immediately and provided the relevant info in a very personalized fashion. At the end of the conversation, he sent a picture of the KLM support team watching a movie that was created by Yoav.

Crazy, isn’t it?

We think this is how Customer Support should be. Nothing more than a pleasant conversation. No apps, no help center browsing. People prefer written conversations.

The road to world-class conversational Customer Support

Of course, not all companies can achieve such high-quality support. It’s not because they don’t want to, or because their agents don’t care about making the customer feel outstandingly satisfied. It’s because personalized support doesn’t scale, and in many cases, teams are overloaded with requests.

So how can such a level of support be achieved while getting a large amount of requests? We already know the answer: automation. Don’t get me wrong, automation is not a conversation with a robot, it’s a conversation with a human that’s assisted by AI. People like speaking with people, so Customer Support shouldn’t be anything else that a conversation between two people.

We believe that automation should assist Customer Support agents so they can only focus on the conversation with the customer.

What does it mean?

No manual ticket management

Most help desks already provide automation for ticket management. The problem is that first, you need to invest time in setting up workflows, and then you need to keep it up to date when new types of tickets come in.We believe that the system should learn from how you use it.

For instance, as you assign a few refund tickets to Sebastian, these tickets should automatically be sent to him later on.

Automatic template suggestion

Many agents gets asked the same question several times per day, so they use templates to respond faster. The thing is, they still spend time inserting the right template every time they need it, which ends up taking hours at the end of the month.

We think that we could help here with automation. Templates could be automatically suggested to the agent according to the content of the email, so the agent just has to personalize the email.

Integration between services

Today, most agents work from a Help Center software, and also from Gmail... and also (!) from the company’s own platform. These tools are not integrated at all, so the agent needs to constantly shift from one window to another.

For instance, if someone asks for a refund, the agent often needs to ask back for the order number. Once the user has provided him with this number, the agent has to check if the user is eligible to a refund in a third party service. Then, he needs to go to the payment platform and actually refund the money. That’s a lot of operations for a task that seems simple at first sight.

Integration between services can lead to huge progress in terms of productivity. Imagine that for instance, when the same user asks for a refund, the agent could have a button next to the request to refund him directly from the same software, with one single click.

All of this still seems a bit far from sight, but it actually isn’t. Some apps like Magic already provide this kind of experience to users through text messages, so why not support? Combined with automation, Customer Support agents will save the pain of doing repetitive things, to focus on the only thing that matters : delivering world-class Customer Support. This is our vision at Gorgias, and this is what we are aiming to build.

What do you think? Would you be interested in these solutions for your support team?

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