How and When to Hire Shopify Virtual Assistants

Connor Gillivan
Connor Gillivan
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August 4, 2022
How and When to Hire Shopify Virtual Assistants
Your Shopify store sales are growing and you're struggling to keep up with support tickets? It might be time to hire a Shopify virtual assistant.

It’s natural for business owners to try to do everything when they’re just starting out.  With a minimal budget to work with and an insatiable excitement to make things work, you really want to get down in the trenches.

As a Shopify store owner, this is probably what you felt when you first opened shop, which is good because it shows that you’re driven to succeed.  As much as we want to keep things the same and retain that momentum, though, there will come a time when you simply can’t stay on top of things.

Your business will go through several phases and you will need additional help at some point. Though you’ve probably given hiring Shopify virtual assistants a lot of thought, the big question you need to answer is when to actually pull the trigger.

If you’re still on the fence about hiring Shopify virtual assistants, the following scenarios should help you make a decision:

When Should You Hire Shopify Virtual Assistants?

You Feel Overwhelmed

When you’re in the business of selling online, overwhelm will always be inevitable.  Right from the get-go, this should be something you’re prepared for especially once your business starts growing.

The problem with most business owners is that it’s hard to tell when you’re getting overwhelmed.  While it’s good for the business to have an owner who’s dedicated and hardworking, you have to remember that being busy doesn’t always equate to productivity.

If you’re stressed and exhausted and starting to mess up, it’s probably time to start hiring Shopify virtual assistants. Not doing so may lead to chaos in your business.

You’re No Longer Able to Perform Your CEO Tasks 

One of the tell-tale signs that hiring Shopify virtual assistants is a must is when you’re beginning to lose sight of what your responsibilities are as the CEO. 

This may include coming up with new business strategies, monitoring the different aspects of the business and how each of them is performing, and managing or mentoring key personnel among others.

These will definitely be a lot to take if, despite being the CEO, you’re still stuck with piles of administrative tasks to accomplish on a daily basis.  It’s just not going to work and if you’re going through this phase now, hiring Shopify virtual assistants would be in your best interest.

You Need Additional Talent or Expertise

Starting an online business like a Shopify store requires deep knowledge of the industry as well as Shopify itself.  It’s safe to assume that you’ve done all your research as any business owner would before getting into such a huge endeavor.

The knowledge and passion you have for the business is more than enough to get you on your feet and start the business on your own.  You can pretty much do everything like customer service, order fulfillment, product sourcing, and product listing optimization.

You may even be able to do social media or graphic design to a certain extent.  Though you’re able to cover all the bases, there are obviously tasks that someone else can do better.  

PPC and SEO, for instance, require very particular skills much like graphic design does.  If you’re satisfied with the results but not happy with how these tasks are contributing to the growth of your business, outsourcing them to a more competent and experienced freelancer may just be the solution you’re looking for.

With a large talent pool to choose from, finding the right talent and skills needed to take your business to the next level is no longer difficult as it used to be. 

Mounting Overhead Expenses

As a business owner, saving money would always be a priority.  You always want to see money coming in instead of going out and that your investments are worth it.

Hiring Shopify virtual assistants is an expense but also an investment.  Even if you spend money paying people to do work for you, their performance should be exemplary enough for you to get back what you paid for, so to speak.

Full-time workers can be good investments too, but the overhead expenses they incur like office rent, insurance, paid time off, and office equipment and supplies can become too much to handle.

This will probably not improve your ROI, so it may be time to rethink your hiring strategy and go with outsourcing instead. It makes perfect sense from a financial standpoint because you’re going to get great talent (perhaps even better than you could get in-house) for much less.

With no overhead cost to worry about, you’ll have more peace of mind and money that you can spend on other aspects of the business like advertising or marketing. 

You’re also likely to pay people by the hour which is advantageous on your part because you only pay for hours worked.  The point is, hiring Shopify virtual assistants will get you the most bang for your buck.  

Your Sales Continue to Increase

Generating more sales is always a nice problem to have.  With this increase in sales comes the prospect of business expansion because let’s face it, business growth is something every business owner needs to be ready for.

This would be an excellent time to hire virtual assistants because you’re going to need all the help you can get as the demand for your product or service goes through the roof.

Who better to help you run your Shopify store than accomplished Shopify experts?

All the scenarios mentioned are valid reasons to hire virtual assistants.  If you are experiencing any of them today, outsourcing is your next best move. 

The question now is how do you do it?  Where do you begin?

How Do You Hire Shopify virtual assistants ?

Unlike traditional hiring practices, hiring freelancers is a lot easier.  With a few simple steps, you’ll be able to find the Shopify virtual assistants you’re looking for and have them working within 24 to 48 hours.

Freelance marketplaces like FreeeUp offer a quicker solution by allowing business owners to hire the top 1% of pre-vetted freelancers.  Below are the steps you need to follow:

1,  Create a FreeeUp Account 

To kick things off, you’ll need to be part of the FreeeUp network.  Just sign up for a client account so you can have full access to hundreds of pre-vetted freelancers as well as the FreeeUp community.

This step won’t even take you more than 10 minutes to do so click on the link so you can get started.

2.  Submit a Request for the Freelancer You Need

As soon as you’ve logged on to your account, you can immediately submit your requests for Shopify virtual assistants. 

Just provide FreeeUp with your budget as well as the details about the freelancers you’re looking for and FreeeUp will get back to you within one business day to introduce you to Shopify virtual assistants who match your requirements.

3.  Hire Shopify Virtual Assistants

After getting introduced, you can set up a 15 to 20-minute interview just to feel each other out and determine if they are the perfect fit for your needs.

You can then hire these Shopify virtual assistants or request for others until you find the right match.  The freelancers you hire will appear in your FreeeUp account so you can begin working with them.

4.  Manage Freelancers Through Your FreeeUp Account

Meeting the freelancers gives you the opportunity to set expectations before you begin working with them.  This allows you to discuss with them things like approved hours, estimated deadlines, and communication methods you will use to get work done.

What’s great about FreeeUp’s system is that it allows you to view all the hours billed by the freelancers directly on your FreeeUp account, giving you the opportunity to monitor their productivity and compare it against their output.

5.  Easily Pay Freelancers 

Paying freelancers is easy with FreeeUp.  By providing a valid payment method, your payment gets automatically withdrawn every Thursday, the same day you get billed for freelancer hours.

By receiving detailed invoices for each billing period, you’d be able to review the numbers before they get released to the Shopify virtual assistants you hired.

Final Thoughts

Hiring Shopify freelancers makes a lot of sense both from a financial and logistical standpoint.  By outsourcing tasks to freelancers, you are giving your business the opportunity to grow faster with experts and specialists at the helm.

These freelancers do not only add a new dimension to your business, but they also help free up your load so you can concentrate on your higher-value tasks, particularly those that are aimed at managing and growing your business.

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