Podcast - Launching Live Chat In Two Weeks & How to Make it Exceptional

Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker
Last updated on 
September 16, 2020
September 16, 2020
Podcast - Launching Live Chat In Two Weeks & How to Make it Exceptional

On a recent episode of the Ecommerce Swipe File podcast, we reviewed a question from Dianna that she posted in our Facebook community. What she let us know, is that she had been tasked with launching live chat by October 1st.

At the time of asking, that's less than two weeks away.

Thanks to our CEO Romain, and Cody from Shinesty (see how thy use Gorgias here) for sharing their secrets and best practices to get up and running with live chat.

“Test live chat for just a few hours so you can properly estimate volume.”

This is essential, you don’t want to dive in and have it run all day because you might end up drowning. When it comes to live chat, properly estimating volume becomes extremely important and is embedded in your strategy year-round, especially during BFCM and the holidays.

“Don’t be afraid to turn your live chat off.”

This is especially true after hours. By turning off chat after hours you’re setting customer expectations at the beginning that you’re not going to be there. This means your customers are NOT going to expect 24/7 live chat support from you and will result in less complaints. Eventually, if you’re ready for that, you can start testing the idea around leaving it on longer.

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“Train anyone in the company, even outside of your support team, to answer questions.”

EOS (Everyone on Support) strategy is something used widely across ecommerce businesses. It’s especially helpful at the beginning when you’re learning what your live chat volume is going to be. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your customer support team, so make sure people in all other departments are on deck and trained to help out.

“Use macros to your advantage, and make them personalized.”

Using macros from the beginning and personalizing them to each customer support agent can do wonders for your live chat strategy. It’s important to use macros to help everyone stay on brand, it reduces the time it takes to respond to customers, plus it gives agents the chance to express themselves. Using macros for customer support live chat is especially important and helpful if you’re planning to bring on seasonal staff. 

“Launch live chat on pages close to the end of the customer journey.”

Starting close to cash, like on their cart page or even the product page, is the perfect place to start testing live chat. It not only will ease you into inquiry volume, but you’ll get specific questions around those pages, prompting you to add or make changes to the product page before offering live chat site-wide. Plus, you may have the opportunity to close a sale or even upsell a customer if they need more information before making a purchase.

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“View sharing saves time and brings your team together.”

Recently, at Gorgias, we’ve introduced view sharing which is something our customers have been waiting for. View sharing allows you to share a view that you really like that you’ve created with select individuals or the full team. This saves people time since they don’t need to create their own views as often, while also bringing your team together to the same view for consistency.

Want to see it live?

See our live chat tool in action.

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