What Is Zendesk And Is It Right For Your Business

Julien Marcialis
Julien Marcialis
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May 18, 2022
What Is Zendesk And Is It Right For Your Business
The Zendesk name is everywhere. We bet you’ve even signed up for its free trial along the way, whether you use it or not.

You may know Zendesk is the first, biggest customer service software. You’ve probably heard it can be a “game-changer” for your business. Someone even says it’s better than Freshdesk or any other ticketing system.

“Whoa, should I try?”

Here is a short answer: 

For many industries like education and financial services, Zendesk could be great. But it may not be right if you’re running an ecommerce store. 

Okay, you might notice that you’re on the Gorgias website...

We don’t want to talk about our competitors. But more than that, we understand you don’t want to make the wrong decisions. 

That’s why, in this article, we’ll give you an honest presentation of Zendesk. What it is and why it may not be the right choice for ecommerce. 

Don’t get us wrong. Gorgias and Zendesk are excellent in their own way. Whether you choose Gorgias or Zendesk really depends on many factors. What type of business you’re running (i.e., a financial service or an ecommerce company). What features and integrations you require. And how much you want to spend.

So, let’s get it on. 

What is Zendesk ticketing system?

Many people think Zendesk is a help desk software, but that’s not everything about it.

Zendesk in two sentences

For those who don't know Zendesk (Zendesk.com), it provides a software-as-a-service, or SaaS, customer service platform. It offers a lot of tools, including helpdesk, email marketing, live chat, and customer engagement.

Zendesk interface

Zendesk features

Zendesk provides a wide range of features, plus over 1000 integrations like Salesforces, Slack, and Gmail. Because of that, you may feel overwhelmed the first time you learn about this platform. 

To make your life easier, here is an overview of Zendesk’s features:

  • The Support Suite (Zendesk Suite): A unified agent workspace with a full-service experience across channels. It includes chat, email, voice, messaging, and advanced features like business rules (Enterprise plan).
  • The Sales Suite: Designed for a sales team, it offers live chat, voice, SMS, and automate outreach—all in one place.  
  • Support: A simple ticket management system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support requests. 
  • Guide: A tool that allows creating a customized self-service knowledge base (a.k.a FAQ). Customers can find answers to their common questions without needing any help. 
  • Chat: A tool that allows adding chat to a website and talking with customers in real-time. 
  • Talk: A call center that offers personal phone support and enhances team productivity. 
  • Sell: A sales CRM that supports email tracking, activity reporting, mobile CRM, and email automation. 
  • Explore: An analytic tool with an interactive dashboard to measure customer service metrics. 
  • Gather: A tool for creating a community where customers can engage with each other. 

A worthy note that the features you can access depend on which Zendesk plan you’re using. For example, if you sign up for a Support plan (which also has three sub-plans), the Sales features aren’t available. 

Zendesk pros and cons

Much like any other application, Zendesk has its pros and cons. Here they are: 


  • An all-in-one lead generation and customer service platform.
  • Chat, phone, email, and social media all in one place. 
  • Provide a lot of customization options.
  • Extensive, powerful reporting and analytics.   
  • Robust integration with third-party applications and systems. 
  • Support multiple languages.


  • Potentially high price tag.
  • Not the right ticket management system for ecommerce and small businesses.
  • Complicated pricing plans, especially for first-time end users. 
  • Require a certain amount of time and effort to get to know the software. 
  • Not provide robust integration with ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento or BigCommerce 
  • Best features only available at higher pricing tiers.

Is Zendesk a suitable help desk for Ecommerce? 

No doubt that Zendesk works for many large organizations. Airbnb and Uber are their lifelong clients. 

But for ecommerce businesses, “Is Zendesk right for me?” is always a common question.

Zendesk currently has two Shopify apps, i.e., Zendesk Support and Zendesk Chat. 

Shopify App Store search "Zendesk" (10/09/2020)

In writing this post, we did a ton of research on reviews about these Zendesk apps on Shopify and other ecommerce community forums. Here are the common themes we found: 

Zendesk Support

Over rating: 3.1
Total reviews
: 109

The good:

  • Easy and quick to set up.
  • See customer purchases and order history within support tickets. 
  • Can use real-live support agents to chat with customers about specific issues.

The bad:

  • Need to integrate Zendesk Support in a Shopify store and install Shopify in Zendesk. That means if a merchant doesn’t already have a Zendesk setup, he/she can’t use the app for his/her store. This is one of the main reasons why ecommerce merchants are looking for Zendesk alternatives.
  • Disabling the chat widget causes the app to stop working.
  • High pricing plans without much justification.
  • Bad customer service from the support team (e.g., only during business hours and limited channel support for basic plans)
  • Lack of per-site customization options. 

Zendesk Chat

Overall rating: 1.2
Total reviews
: 13

The good:

  • Found no positive reviews.

The bad:

  • The issue “Whoops, looks like something went wrong” appears many times.
  • Bad customer service from the support team.
  • Lack of transparency about the refund policy. 
  • Slow dashboard, complicated user interface

Now that you know everything about Zendesk. Do you think it’s fair to call Zendesk the best?


It’s the first and (currently) the biggest, but it’s DEFINITELY not the best for businesses of all types. 

Meet Gorgias—the best Ecommerce customer service software

Look at Shopify’s review about Zendesk, and you know it’s not for ecommerce.

If it works, why do so many online merchants complain about it, right? (Fact: Zendesk Chat has got no positive reviews!)

Luckily, all you need is our ecommerce-focused help desk software: Gorgias

Gorgias got everything right from the ground up. It dedicates to help ecommerce businesses bring the best experience to their customers. 

It understands you want an effective ticket management system and don’t want to get bogged down in unnecessary features.

It ensures you put your best foot on tasks that are in line with your business objectives. 

Gorgias nailed the experience. 

And we don’t make it up at all. Take a look at these reviews, and you know why many merchants moved from Zendesk to Gorgias

Simplify the customer service process

As an ecommerce merchant, your goal is to drive conversion and grow your business. You want a help desk that works easy for you and helps you build a relationship with your customers from the get-go. Gorgias is built to make these happen.

Centralize all your support tickets in one place

See your customers’ data when you’re talking to them—no need to switch or change to any tabs. Also, edit orders, change subscriptions, and refund payments without leaving your helpdesk. 

Want to manage a multi-brand? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Turn visitors into buyers with live chat 

A live chat feature on a website can help increase conversion rates up to 20%. That’s why we provide you with a powerful live chat that you can customize in your own way.

For example, you can prompt a chat on a specific page to start a conversation with shoppers. Help them solve any question and then guide them to the buying process.

Reduce tedious tasks with automation

Automation is the secret sauce of good customer experience. With Gorgias, you can automate repetitive tasks and save time for what’s more important. 

Integrate with (only) the apps you need 

Too many choices can lead to so much frustration. That’s why we don’t bombard you with +1000 integrations. With our +30 ecommerce tight integration system, you’ll find the app you actually need. 

Talk the talk and walk the walk

As much as you want to have high customer satisfaction, we want to provide you with the best support.

At Gorgias, we appreciate our relationship and strive to keep it lasting forever. Whenever you need help, we’re more than happy to support you. 

And… a lot more

  • We also have a mobile app for iPhone for Apple addicts and on Android for Google fans.
  • We provide multi-channel support (email, phone, chat, etc.).
  • We regularly introduce new features to serve our customers’ needs (check out the recent view sharing release).

How to import Zendesk tickets to Gorgias

Moving from Zendesk to Gorgias is a significant decision for your business. Change is hard—we know.

That’s why we want to make the switch as effortless as possible. Check out the below video if you want to import Zendesk tickets to your new Gorgias.

Should you use Zendesk?

The answer depends on what type of business you’re running.

If you’re a big non-ecommerce enterprise, Zendesk will help you a lot. But if you prefer an ecommerce-focused help desk solution, Gorgias is the best alternative.

Join our buyout program to get full access to Gorgias at no cost and prepare for your most profitable BFCM ever.

Whatever you decide, we wish you and your business the best!

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