How Kettlebell Kings Decreased Their Response Time by 66% and Answered All Tickets Within Less Than 24 Hours

Challenge: Distinguish kettlebells from other fitness items by building an active online fitness community.

Solution: Integrate Gorgias and BigCommerce to respond to all customers quickly and personally.

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decrease in first response times
their one-touch ticket percentage


Kettlebell Kings has built its business on a customer-first approach. In addition to offering high quality products and free shipping, they seek to provide an amazing experience to each and every customer.

Customer support plays a vital role in achieving that goal. All customer questions are answered within less than 24 hours, and any issues with a damaged product are addressed immediately. 

Kettlebell Kings also creates content to help its customers get ongoing value from their kettlebells - a strategy that has enabled the company to build an active and loyal community of fitness enthusiasts.

“From the beginning we wanted to focus on building a community around the product. We wanted to provide content on how to get ongoing value out of using kettlebells, as opposed to just a transaction for a fitness item.” - Jay Perkins, Co-Founder & Managing Partner


From the get-go, Kettlebell Kings was able to execute on its customer-first strategy exceedingly well and quickly built a large email list and followings across multiple social media platforms. The community enables customers to interact with Kettlebell King’s fitness experts, as well as with other customers, to reach their fitness goals.

Questions and comments come in from myriad channels, including multiple email addresses, live chat, direct messaging on all social media platforms, and SMS. With just two full-time people keeping up was a challenge. As a result, everyone in the company had to help respond to questions in order to prevent a backlog. Keeping customers waiting was simply not an option.

Customer support is also an important sales strategy. Answering questions in a timely manner boosts conversions and drives loyalty. 

Realizing that most customers tend to ask the similar questions, Kettlebell Kings wondered if they could automate much of the work. So they started looking at multiple helpdesk platforms and decided to implement Gorgias.

“The benefit of Gorgias is it means we don’t need to staff a giant team. And because of the efficiency of consolidating all questions, we can keep those costs down, while also still creating a great customer experience.” - Jay Perkins, Co-Founder & Managing Partner


Kettlebell Kings is a BigCommerce shop, so a seamless integration with a helpdesk platform was paramount. Plugging Gorgias into Kettlebell King’s BigCommerce storefront took no time at all. Today, customer tickets are displayed alongside their BigCommerce profiles and orders, enabling customer care represenatives to view tickets and edit orders if necessary with a single click.

Kettlebell Kings also wanted an intuitive interface so that their team could quickly become power users.

“Gorgias was the easiest to use for our team. We wanted to give them autonomy to set up and modify features in order to do their jobs better. As a business owner, Gorgias allows me to be more hands-off in the set up process,” - Jay Perkins, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Leveraging macros, or pre-written answers, the customer service representatives are able to respond to commonly asked questions, such as product descriptions, availability and shipping status, quickly and easily. Those macros go a long way in delivering the amazing customer experience Kettlebell Kings values, as routine questions are answered in less than an hour.

Another key feature is the Gorgias dashboard, which displays all incoming questions or comments in a central location and are assigned to the right person to reply. “Previously we had to check multiple inboxes for customer inquiries. A lot of people prefer to DM us via Facebook or Instagram. We had our marketing person field replies on social media, often asking the prospect to email us at this specific address or to get in contact with customer service. One of the main reasons we adopted Gorgias is that it eliminates that fractured experience. All incoming questions and posts go directly into one interface” said Jay.

Moreover, all responses to customer inquiries are delivered via the same channel in which they originated. Gorgias also integrates with multiple data sources, which populates the macros and save time for the customer service reps. “Our team can see more order data within the Gorgias platform, which means they don’t need to switch between a bunch of different windows.”


By consolidating inquiries into a single interact and leveraging macros, Kettlebell Kings is able to deliver amazing customer experiences while lowering its ongoing costs.

Today, their team is able to respond to all incoming questions across all channels quickly. They've reduced their first response times by 66% since January 2021, from 6 hours and 56 minutes down to 2 hours and 22 minutes. They've also increased their one-touch ticket percentage from 3% to 11%, showing how macros can ensure customers receive the information they need quickly, saving their team valuable time.