How to integrate your admin with your helpdesk

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October 4, 2016
April 2, 2020
How to integrate your admin with your helpdesk

If you’ve be doing customer support, you know it sucks to copy paste things between your helpdesk and your admin system.

You read the ticket in your helpdesk, then you need to go look up the customer profile in your admin. You copy paste the email address, paste it in your admin, and then go back to your helpdesk to respond. And the worst part is that we need to repeat this all day long.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to be able to just pull customer information in your helpdesk?

To save time, you can display the customer’s profile right next to their ticket.

Customer information is extracted from your admin and displayed next to the ticket

The easiest way to do this is to build an app for your helpdesk, which will display customer data in an iframe. This works for any helpdesk, and the cool thing is that it will be available to all agents by default (no need to have everyone install an app). Based on which helpdesk you use, here are some good tutorials about how to do it:

  • Tutorial for Zendesk
  • Tutorial for Freshdesk
  • Tutorial for Helpscout

If you want to have more flexibility, say you want to change the interface of the helpdesk itself, you can opt for building a browser extension. You’ll be able to inject custom elements anywhere in the interface, though it’s a bit more tricky and all your agents will need to install the browser extension. Teams like Instacart chose to do that.

Some teams are even more ambitious. Airbnb built their own interface for Zendesk, where 2/3 of the screen shows customer data. But this is super costly in terms of engineering resources.

What customer data should you display?

Building an integration won’t replace your admin. You should think of it as a toolbox that can help you deal with 80% of the tickets.

Here are a few examples of the customer data you should probably display:

  • Customer profile: name, email, points, lifetime value, timezone, browser
  • Info about the last 3 orders: order #, amount, shipping status, payment status
  • Links to the customer’s profile in various apps: Stripe, Shopify…

Wouldn’t you LOVE EVEN MORE to be able to act on that user info in your ticket?

At Gorgias, we’ve built a helpdesk designed to integrate with your admin.

Our users can plug their admin to Gorgias without any coding skills, which saves them even more time. Here are some of the nice things they do:

  • Perform actions from the helpdesk itself, like giving a credit to a customer without leaving the ticket.
  • Prioritize high-value customers in a specific view, based on how many order they have placed.
  • Use the last order number as a variable in a macro.

Some of our customers combine all this and attach actions to macros. This is is how they get to one touch resolution: they simply select a macro with an action, personalize the text and respond.

We hope some of the tips here will help you build an integration with your admin. If you have questions on how to do it, we’d love to help!

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